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Looking at the explosive rise in coffee consumption in recent years, it’s really no surprise that, in Ireland, office coffee machines have become more and more popular. Here are some facts about coffee in Ireland: 

  • From 2016 to 2018 alone, the percentage of adults that claimed to drink at least one cup of coffee per day rose from 52% to 56%. 
  • By 2025, 86% of coffee spending is expected to take place out of the home despite the fact that 71% of the coffee we consume is expected to be drunk in the home. 
  • Dublin has 181 coffee shops per 100,000 people and is the second most coffee obsessed capital city in the world according to research carried out by BrewSmartly.

What can we interpret from these facts? Firstly, Irish people love coffee. Secondly, our taste in coffee is becoming more and more refined. Finally, despite our love of barista-made coffee and plenty of variety, the cost of visiting high-street cafés means we mostly make it ourselves at home. 

On top of this, the coffee culture in Ireland offices has made coffee drinking a central part of the work environment. Drinking a cup of coffee is often the first thing people do in the morning. It’s a great way of taking a break and socialising at work. It’s not a question of whether or not your office needs coffee, but how you source it. Knowing the benefits of coffee machines can help you make a decision on the best solution for your office. Coffee in the office. What are your options?

Coffee in the office. What are your options?

In terms of providing coffee for the office, most people’s first reaction is not to overthink it. Most workplaces have some form of kitchen, so a kettle and a tin of instant coffee is the obvious solution. Simple, cheap, and effective. However, limiting yourself to this approach is not without its drawbacks. The cost of keeping the press stocked can easily build up. Additionally, instant coffee just doesn’t taste as nice. Even coffee from a French press, a step up from instant, lacks that fresh taste unless you take the time to grind up the beans yourself. In our opinion, we can do better than that! 

Quality and freshness are becoming more and more important for coffee consumers. Not only are these good for morale amongst employees, access to better coffee allows businesses to put their best foot forward when entertaining visitors, customers and potential clients. Unfortunately, relying on café coffee or buying a high end machine are both very expensive options. 

Thankfully, there is another choice: Renting or leasing a machine from a company like Cuco.

Renting or leasing Office Coffee Machines in Ireland

Are the advantages of renting or leasing office coffee machines in Ireland really worth it when considering “leasing vs renting coffee machines“? Here’s why we at Cuco say it is.

Price: Renting or leasing is such an attractive option because it gives you access to a high end machine without the eye-watering cost. This is absolutely the way to get the best bang for your buck as far as coffee is concerned, and it’s sure to be cheaper than what you’d end up spending on instant. 

Quality: Not only does a Cuco Coffee machine give you access to barista-style coffees such as cappuccinos, flat whites, and espressos, but it also answers the question of what is a barista style coffee machine, offering a professional level of caffeinated beverages right in your office. We have gone to great lengths to source our beans from the finest coffee-producing regions on earth, ensuring maximum quality. We’ll even come out to your office and serve you our three unique blends so that you can decide which one is perfect for you.

Service: There’s no need to worry about installation or maintenance when you use Cuco Coffee. Not only will we set up your coffee machine for you, we’ll come back every week and perform a free service. This way, your machine will always be in the perfect shape to serve up delicious coffee. 

Why not get in contact with us today to arrange a demo and tasting? Click here to learn more about our services.

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