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Commercial Office Coffee Machines in Ireland

Your Staff & Visitors Deserve The Best

We Provide Beautiful Barista Style Office Coffee Machines So Your Staff
Can Enjoy The Perfect Cup of Coffee Without Having To Leave The Workplace

How it works – It’s this simple

At Cuco Coffee we see ourselves as your very own, in-house Office Coffee Barista. We offer a range of easy-to-use commercial coffee machines for the workplace, along with our exclusive blend of coffee beans to suit all tastes and budgets.


Arrange a tasting


Enjoy our coffee

Choose a machine

Let us Maintain


Easy-to-use Machines

Our easy-to-use commercial coffee machines range from the Cuco Classic to the Cuco Elite+ , serving up coffee to suit all levels of office coffee drinkers. So whether you’re into flat whites, lattes or a simple Americano, we provide you with an easy-to-use service, ensuring your staff and visitors will enjoy fresh, great-tasting coffee every day.

The Unique Flavour

Cuco Coffee’s uniquely sourced coffee blends are roasted exclusively for our customers. They include our Signature, Premium and Café Blend, offering something for all tastes and levels of office coffee drinkers.

We deliver quality

At Cuco Coffee, we understand the bottom-line. So we offer a range of packages to suit all needs. Regardless of your budget, we guarantee you a premium service with short 3 month contracts. We believe the machine brewing the office coffee is as important as the coffee bean itself, ensuring every cup of coffee they serve is of premium quality. So, we provide a FREE weekly machine service with all packages.

We are proud to introduce our machine range

Ideal for Offices, Workplaces, Canteens, Board Rooms, Showrooms, Galleries, Boutiques and more

Cuco Classic


Cuco Select

Cuco Elite
  • 5 star review  My company Started to use Cuco coffee machine and beans since last June, everyone loves it. The quality of the beans is excellent, and Tomas offers a very attentive weekly service, even improves the taste of coffee.Through this coffee machine, people can make their own favorite coffee, everyone has forgotten to go to the coffee shop to buy a coffee. A cup of coffee every morning became a moment we all enjoyed.

    thumb yang qiu

    5 star review  The staff are very helpful and very friendly when they come to service our coffee machine. The coffee is fabulous our company goes through a box a week and there is not that many of us 🙂

    thumb Joanne Hennessy

    5 star review  We cannot recommend CUCO coffee enough. The machine we have for the office is praised by everyone for its taste. The price is very reasonable and includes a weekly service with a smile. In the past year we have only had one issue with the milk system breaking (an issue we caused ourselves); I contacted CUCO and their service man was out within the hour and fixed it. There is nobody else providing coffee solutions to this standard. People in this office do not bother buying coffee on the way to work anymore.

    thumb Dylan Gaul
  • 5 star review  We're very happy with the coffee beans and customer service provided by Cuco Coffee! Our machine is serviced on a weekly basis, which is fantastic! If any issues come up , they're just a phone call away and always happy to send a technician to fix it. Thank you for keeping our team of 70+ people caffeinated! 🙂

    thumb Marla Harper

    5 star review  Amazing coffee & amazing prices. Customer service 10/10 🙂

    thumb Lina B

    5 star review  Quality Coffee, excellent service and now an app on our phones to select our drinks without having to touch the coffee machine! Definitely 5 stars

    thumb Peter Weston
  • 5 star review  We have a Coffee machine in are showrooms from Cuco the service and coffee we use is very good.

    thumb Judith Tubridy

    5 star review  Cuco Coffee have supplied us with a coffee machine, weekly service and coffee supplies for nearly 2 years. They were very happy to organise a coffee tasting before we decided to use their services. Tomasz is an absolute pleasure to deal. I never get complaints about the coffee. Would highly recommend

    thumb Karen Docherty

    5 star review  We love the Cuco coffee. Mellow taste - others taste bitter in comparison. The maintenance service is very handy. Guaranteed barista comparable coffee direct from our canteen.

    thumb Paula O'Neill
  • 5 star review  My company was looking to change the coffee provider and after tasting coffee from various companies we decided to go with Cuco, their coffee tasted the best.The service is also very good, they come in every 2nd week to service the machine. The guy who does that is really nice and happy to help with anything that is needed.

    thumb Angela Tivadar

    5 star review  Cuco are brilliant! We got their machines and beans into our office a while ago and it's fantastic. The machines get serviced every week, which I think makes a huge improvement on the taste. If you have any questions or queries, they are really helpful on the phone and the technician who services the machines on site is a gent too! Would highly recommend these guys to anyone

    thumb Pat Mitchell

    5 star review  Great coffee and great service. Tomasz who comes in to clean the machines and restock the coffee is a pleasure to deal with, nothing is too much trouble. No hesitation in recommending this Company.

    thumb Fiona Darragh
  • 5 star review  Cuco coffee provides amazing coffee to our office. Amazing service, someone comes to service the machines weekly and they are always so helpful. Could not recommend enough!

    thumb Ailbhe Conway

    5 star review  My workplace has recently changed the coffee provider to Cuco and I have to say that the coffee is unreal. The latte and the cappuccino tastes amazing.  They also provide great customer service the person who services our machine is very nice and always with a smile on. I cannot recommend CUCO coffee enough they are just amazing

    thumb Alina Tivadar

    5 star review  Cuco Coffee have provided our office of over 60 people with a fantastic service and amazing coffee! Our machine gets serviced weekly and if anything ever goes wrong, Tomasz is only a phone call away! Cuco have also been very helpful to us whenever we have in house events and may need coffee for our visitors. They will always provide us with a second machine, delivered and collected before and after our event, which is great. Overall, would recommend to any office!

    thumb Caroline Daly

Why You Should Use Office Coffee Machines in the Workplace?

Coffee has become a staple in the workday for many, it helps employees not only take a breather during the day, but it also has become a great way for colleagues to interact and chat during the day which promotes more productive teamwork and collaboration. Your office coffee machine will most likely become an important part of your team’s day, which is another reason why a new office coffee machine may be a great investment for your organisation. CUCO Coffee’s high quality office coffee machines cater to organisations of all shapes and sizes, so no matter if your organisation is small, medium, or large, we have the perfect coffee solution that meets your needs. Our team of coffee connoisseurs will even help you and your colleagues choose the best option for your office’s requirements. You will even get a chance to taste our delicious blends of coffee prior to making any decision, so you can get the full experience and sample the tastes that we have to offer.

Having an automatic professional office coffee machine in your workplace is the perfect staple for the canteen, break room, and can even be a great way to impress customers or clients at meetings! Coffee has become an essential in workplaces all across Ireland, and your employees deserve the best of the best.

Choosing an office coffee machine from CUCO Coffee will even save you money long term, in fact, we are 85% cheaper than the average high street price, and who doesn’t love to save money, right? Not to mention that having a CUCO office coffee machine also allows your organisation to reduce the amount of single-use coffee cups you use and encourages employees to use their own cup or travel mug from home or one from the office, creating a greener and more sustainable workplace for everyone.

Choosing the Right Office Coffee Machine for your Workplace

At CUCO Coffee, we understand that trying to satisfy the desires and unique taste buds of everyone in a workplace can be a difficult task. That is why we allow you to take your time when choosing the correct option for you and your team. After you have discussed your needs and wants with our CUCO coffee experts, you will get the opportunity to take the time to try all of our amazing tasting coffee. This gives you the chance to not only see our professional office coffee machines up and running in the flesh, but also to choose the perfect blend of coffee which will satisfy every type of coffee drinker in the office. You will also have the suggestions and thoughts from our expert team of coffee connoisseurs to help you make a decision. We have provided great coffee to every type of organisation, so we have the experience to aid you in making a great choice which will result in your new coffee machine becoming a highlight to your workers’ days.

Once you are happy with your selection of coffee beans and machine, we then will come and install your brand new office coffee machine in its new home. We will show you how to use the coffee machine there and then, so you will have all the necessary skills to make the perfect cup of coffee day in and day out. Your satisfaction is our main priority at CUCO Coffee, that is why we come to maintain your office coffee machine once a week, to ensure your new machine is running to the best of its ability. You will always have our team of coffee machine experts at hand to support you when needed along the way!

CUCO Coffee’s Commercial Coffee Machines for Sale

When selecting the perfect office coffee machine, we know it can be tough to choose one that will satisfy even the fussiest of coffee drinkers. Our great reviews speak for themselves when it comes to providing workplaces across Ireland with the very best blend of uniquely sourced coffee beans that are roasted to perfection. Our commercial coffee machines come with a selection of flavours, from our signature, premium and cafe blend which will offer something for all taste buds, no matter what type of coffee drinker is at your workplace. Here at CUCO Coffee we understand that different offices will have different coffee needs, that is why we have a full range of top quality commercial coffee machines including our CUCO Classic, CUCO Select, and our CUCO Elite.

Investing a little bit of money into a top class workplace coffee machine actually works out cheaper than buying a coffee everyday from your local cafe or convenience store! Yep, we even ran the numbers and by purchasing an automatic professional coffee machine, you will actually save yourself money in the long run. And not worry about navigating your way through your office’s new corporate coffee machine, our team of coffee experts will ensure you are equipped with the right training to use your new professional coffee machine seamlessly which will result in great tasting cups of coffee again and again.

Commercial Office Coffee Machines Ireland

At CUCO Coffee we understand that your office employees deserve the very best coffee during their well earned breaks, and rightly so! We supply your organisation with top quality coffee machines that allows you and your colleagues to enjoy great tasting coffee day after day. In recent times, Irish people have really grown to love their coffee, in fact, 6 in 10 Irish adults drink at least one cup of coffee every single day! This figure has jumped up to a 52% increase in the last few years, so it is safe to say we have become a country of coffee enthusiasts.

It is estimated that around one quarter of all the coffee that is consumed around the country is done so at the workplace. That is why we pride ourselves in offering easy to use commercial coffee machines all around Ireland that suits your needs and budget. Our corporate coffee solutions are the perfect addition to any office, workplace, board room or canteen. Trust us to supply your company with a professional coffee machine that will end up being the talk of the office!

The Best Office Coffee Machines in Ireland

As we’ve previously mentioned, Ireland has become a country which has learned to love and appreciate coffee. With this in mind, we aim to supply your organisation, and many alike across Ireland with the best of the best when it comes to automatic office coffee machines. No matter if your organisation is small, medium or large, we have the skills and experience to understand your coffee needs, and will aid you in choosing the perfect coffee machine that will meet your specific coffee requirements. We know that every office is different, and that is why we have a wide selection of coffee machines and coffee beans available to satisfy your need for a good cup of joe after a tough morning of work. We have had the privilege of working with some great organisations across Ireland, and we are proud to say that they have all been happy and content with the office coffee machines we have supplied them. Once our customer is happy, then we are happy!

Choosing an office coffee machine from CUCO Coffee will even save you money long term, in fact, we are 85% cheaper than the average high street price, and who doesn’t love to save money, right? Not to mention that having a CUCO office coffee machine also allows your organisation to reduce the amount of single-use coffee cups you use and encourages employees to use their own cup or travel mug from home or one from the office, creating a greener and more sustainable workplace for everyone.

Your Staff & Visitors
Deserve The Best

We Provide Beautiful
Barista Style Office Coffee Machines So Your Staff Can Enjoy
The Perfect Cup of Coffee Without Having To Leave The Workplace

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