What is a Barista Style Coffee machine?

The Role of a Barista Style Coffee Machine

At Cuco Coffee our business is built around providing the best coffee you can have in your office without a barista present. This naturally led to us choosing the best barista style coffee machine and sourcing the freshest full flavoured roasted coffee bean blends to suite every taste.

To understand our machines, let us first look at the role of a barista: Firstly, to get the most out of a coffee bean a burr grinder is used. The barista will place the ‘puck’ (little basket that ground coffee goes into before being placed in the machine) under the grinder and having chosen the correct grind size fill the 17g puck with freshly ground beans.

Next, a ‘tamper’ is used to push the freshly ground coffee goodness into a tight compacted round. A quick polish (wiping off the loose grinds) and it is placed into the coffee machine. Here the hot water is pushed through the puck, timed to extract the most flavour from the ground coffee. (Read more about the 9 steps baristas use to make the perfect espresso).

While this take places the barista takes a jug of milk and places a steam pen into it and increases the temperature of the milk to create a smooth texture for flat whites or frothy foam for the trademark cappuccinos.

How does that translate into our barista style machines?

Our machines are based around a Bean to Cup process. Firstly, the machine hopper is filled with one of our great freshly roasted coffee bean blends. Once you choose the one out of the twenty-one coffee options, our Barista style machine gets to work.

The puck inside the machine moves into places while a burr grinder dispenses 11g of freshly ground coffee. Once in the puck, a tamper comes down into the puck to get the right compaction to allow for a full flavoured cup.

Hot water is then pushed through the puck at the correct timing to deliver the flavour and strength required for you chosen drink. Once this is complete, the machine pulls milk from the attached milk fridge – this comes standard with all our machines. Steam is introduced to create either smooth or frothy milk depending on your style of beverage.

The result is a barista style machine-made coffee – fresh and full flavoured, ready to be enjoyed.

Cuco Coffees range of Barista Style Coffee Machines

If you would like to know more or to have a free no obligation demonstration for your office, please get in touch! All our machines our now contactless as well, so you can make and personalise your coffee all from your phone. No need to touch the machine. Read more about our contactless options here.

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