The rise of coffee culture in Ireland and it’s place in the office

The rise of coffee culture in Ireland and its place in the office.

That first sip of a great cup of barista made coffee in the morning. For many it has become a staple over the last year and a half. Not that many did not already enjoy the black gold, but simply the amount of great coffee shops out there has grown. In smaller towns and along once busy roads, airstreams, converted horse trailers and even old mini vans started popping up. For those of us working from home, these new coffee gems offer that coffee break once reserved for arriving at work or taking that break before lunchtime.

What has also started to emerge is more coffee companies roasting their own blends. Most people have tried a barista coffee or instant coffee and we have all picked up that longer brewing and more effort means more flavour. As with anything good, time and effort are what make the great taste all the better.

Yes there are still those who prefer a quick fix of instant coffee with rapidly boiling water thrown on top. But even those who go for the simplest coffee process would appreciate that a barista-made coffee is just that one step above.

What goes into that great cup of barista coffee? Well for starters the barista needs great coffee beans then to ensure the correct grind size, compaction, water temperature, let’s not forget flow rate and pressure too. All this leads to the great barista coffee.

As we start heading back to the office soon, a lot of us may start to feel separation anxiety. We will miss our local pop up coffee trailer and daily banter with the barista. But all is not lost. At Cuco Coffee we understand your needs… at least when it comes to great coffee!

How we bring that cup of coffee to your office.

At Cuco Coffee, we aim to place Barista Style Coffee machines in the work place to allow people returning to the office to grab that great coffee they’ve become used to.

Our machines replicate the process from bean to cup, making it more cost and time effective for a cup of coffee at work.

We also have three coffee bean roasts, our café blend, signature blend and premium blend to ensure we have something for everyone’s tastes.

Other than our beans being ethically sourced and part of the rainforest alliance, our coffee bags are recyclable and coffee grounds compostable.

Do you have access to Barista Style coffee in your office? – Would you like too?

We offer free no obligation trials of our coffee machines in your office.

Get in touch for more information or to arrange a trial. Or follow us on Linkedin.

If you’re looking for contactless coffee machine options we have you covered too.

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