Coffee Machines For Businesses: Retain Your Staff

Staff turnover can be a great expense as well as a great hassle for a business. The effort that goes into finding new employees, training them, and integrating them into your office’s cuture is immense. Of course, it is important to bring in new blood every now and again, but on the whole, staff retention should be a top priority for businesses. How can you do this? The answer to that question is complex. People leave their jobs for a multitude of reasons. Often, it is totally outside the employer’s control. However, we have found that improving the material conditions of your office can have a big impact. That is why Cuco strongly recommends coffee machines for businesses.

Why do employees leave?

Over the past number of years, much happened that has rocked the world of work. Covid forced us to completely reimagine the workplace, and the consequences of that have not fully played out. Inflation and the cost of living crisis are another factor that will influence employees’ decision making for the forseeable future. These things are largely outside of our control. However, when employees are asked why they are leaving, the answers they provide show that there is plenty of scope for improvement that is within employers’ power. According to the World Eonomic Forum, around one fifth of all workers intend to resign. the five most common causes for resignation are:

  1. Finding the job unfulfiling
  2. Not feeling that you can be your true self at work
  3. Wanting greater financial compensation
  4. Not feeling that their team cares about them
  5. Not feeling that their manager listens to them.

In a number of ways, incorporating coffee machines in an office can help businesses address some of the above issues, improving employee satisfaction and retention.

How coffee machines for businesses can help

Let’s focus in on two of the above reasons for resignation: numbers 4 and 5. An office coffee machine is an excellent solution to these issues because it is a significant quality-of-life improvement to the workplace. The percentage of people who drink coffee is high and growing. Obviously, a Cuco machine is preferable to having no coffee at all in the office, but it is also better than other coffee solutions, making it the best coffee solution in Ireland. Here’s why:

  • Cuco coffee tastes better. Not only have we crafted our own unique blends in order to maximise flavour, our machines are bean-to-cup. That means the coffee is fresher and tastier. It’s no contest between one of our coffees and a cup that is made with a tin of instant.
  • Our machines can make different styles of coffee. Coffee is served in a variety of different ways: americanos, cappuccinos, flat whites, etc. Our machines can make them all. Whatever your preference is, our machines can cater to you.
  • Get your coffee faster and easier. No more boiling kettles, replacing filters, or waiting for coffee to drip into the pot. Our machines are easy to use, fast, and serve a perfect, piping hot cup of coffee every time.

Coffee is on of the few leisures that are compatible with a day’s work, so you should take full advantage. This is the best way you can treat your employees to something nice and demonstrate that you care about their comfort.

Encourage socialisation

A big part of maintaining a positive office culture and staff retention is team building. As your staff get to know each other, they are better able to work together productively. Good relations between employees also improves morale and reduces the likeliood of somebody resigning. Coffee machines for businesses have the advantage of transforming your office into a social forum, an environment where it is possible for people to chat and form good working relationships. Forming these sorts of bonds makes people feel happier in their work environment and, thus, less likely to leave.

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