The office place and it’s future

The office place..

Until now, the office was part of our daily rituals from Monday to Friday. You get up, get ready, make the commute and arrive at the office just in time for the start of the day. Of course, no day can start properly without that lovely cup of coffee in your favourite work mug.

The office has changed somewhat in recent times, and with it, we have seen the rise of office coffee as a key factor in the workplace. For many, the new daily ritual now looks a bit different. You get up, decide on the day’s outfit (dependent on if there will be video calls involved) and walk to the kitchen to have a cup of the hard instant coffee to get that fix. This is followed by an attempt to explain to the kids you’re off to work while not leaving the house. You avoid the dog on your new commute to the office and start some work. Just then a work call comes in and you eye your dog and kids to decide if things will be quiet enough to take the call.  Sound familiar?

While working from home has its benefits, so does working from an office. While online-based work can be performed from the comfort of your home office or couch desk, meetings and business interactions aren’t always as easy.

What do people think about the office vs working from home?

According to a new poll in the UK by Verdict, 45% of people surveyed who were working full time from the office pre-Covid, now prefer working from home and the office, while 34% want to go back to the office full time.

But what about the office and its future here in Ireland? According to Whitaker Institute, based on a survey done in May, we seemed to follow the trend of 71% of employees wanting to have the option of working from home and their office.

More recently this sentiment was Echoed in a survey by AIB published by RTE, which found that over 80% of people surveyed want to spend most of their time working between their office and the home office.

Looking at the overall picture, the office is here to stay – albeit in a slightly different form or size and currently very different layout.

At least you can have great coffee..

In this time of great change, though, a comforting constant that can always be relied upon is having a freshly brewed cup of Cuco Coffee on hand while getting some work done. We have moved with the times and can now provide a contactless option alongside our more traditional button or touch screen bean-to-cup machines. This means Cuco Coffee will still be the best barista style coffee in your office, faithfully waiting for your return.

Not with Cuco Coffee yet? Why not have a free remote coffee tasting for your office?

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