Benefits of Good Quality Office Coffee

Everyone knows that coffee can give you a boost of energy to help kick-start your day, get over that slump or even inspire some creativity. But did you know that there are many other benefits of serving good quality coffee to your employees?

Why good quality office coffee is critical: Many are of the belief that ‘coffee is coffee’ and employees just want that caffeine fix – no matter what it tastes like. However, a recent study, conducted in the UK and Ireland, has revealed that employees don’t just want your standard ‘office coffee’. They want premium, barista style coffee available in their workplace. And so should you! Here’s why…

1. Productivity

Employees become more productive when they have enjoyed a great tasting coffee, with 89% of employees crediting high-quality office coffee for making them more engaged at work. One of the benefits of coffee machines in the workplace is that they provide easy access to this productivity booster, ensuring that employees can stay focused and energized throughout the day.

2. Employees Feel Valued

The study found that 75% of office workers agree that good quality office coffee suggests their employer cares about their wellbeing, proving itself critical in helping employees feel valued.

3. Communication

Coffee gives people an opportunity to work collaboratively. Coffee breaks open up lines of communications between teams, allowing companies to work more efficiently. You often hear people say that ‘we came up with that one over a coffee’ or, ‘I know someone in accounts, I meet them at the coffee dock every morning, maybe they could help?’. And whilst 81% of people surveyed said that coffee breaks help them to build stronger relationships with their colleagues, 72% felt that they also helped to build better relationships with their managers.

4. Stress Reliever

Believe it or not, great tasting coffee from a suitable commercial coffee machine can also help to relieve stress! Whilst some people believe that high levels of caffeine can lead to stress, it was revealed that 84% of employees disagree. In companies with more than 20 employees, it was reported that coffee breaks help to relieve stress, with this number at the highest in the financial and creative industries.

5. Attracts New Talent

Great tasting coffee isn’t just important for keeping existing employees happy. It was also revealed that 71% of employees would recommend their office as a good place to work because of access to high-quality coffee.

Great tasting office coffee is so much more than an added perk these days. It is fuelling your employees in many more ways than one. Their drive, energy, passion, focus, composure are all heightened with great tasting coffee.

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