Are you being judged by your office coffee?

Are you being judged by your office coffee?

How is your office coffee? With a massive shift in our coffee drinking culture over the last 5 years, people don’t just ask for a ‘coffee’ anymore. They want a cappuccino, a latte, a flat white, a cortado, a double shot espresso; the list is almost endless. People expect more than instant coffee, and so do your clients.

Clients expect to come to your office and be offered any coffee that they could order at their local coffee shop. Gone are the days of instant coffee. Companies are now being judged by the quality and variety of office coffee you are serving.

Good quality office coffee is critical

A recent study, conducted across the UK and Ireland, has highlighted to companies that cheap, instant coffee may be shinning your business in a negative light. Over three quarters (77%) of employees surveyed, across various sectors, think that good quality coffee in the office is important for clients and visitors.

Senior Management assess the quality of a company by its coffee

The study also reports that over a third of employees (36%) in senior management positions assess the quality of a company by its office coffee. Are these the people you have visiting your office? Does your coffee live up to their standards? The good news is that it’s now easier than ever to be offering top quality, premium-tasting coffee with the help of an office coffee machine. You want your clients to position you as the ‘best of the best’, and part of that positioning comes from the office coffee you serve.

So this begs the questions, are your clients happy with your office coffee offering?

Clients will remember you by your great-tasting coffee

Clients remember the ‘little things’ when they visit their suppliers’ offices. They remember the good quality coffee. They remember the way it was served, the way it looked, and most importantly the way it tasted. Make sure you’re not being let down, or left behind, by this simple service offering.

5 simple signs your clients are happy with your office coffee

1. They finish their coffee2. They ask for more3. They compliment your coffee4. They don’t walk into the next meeting with a shop-bought coffee5. They ask who supplies your coffee, or what machine you use

Do your clients currently do any or all of these? If not, it may be time to switch up your office coffee solution. You want clients to think of your coffee as top quality, just like your business offering.

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