Office Coffee Bargain: Look No Further

They say you can’t have everything in life. For example, some might argue that you can’t get barrista style coffee without paying exorbitant prices. There is a lot of evidence to support that claim. Good luck finding a decent cup of coffee for less than €3 these days! However, you shouldn’t have to resign yourself, your employees and your guests to tepid cups of instant. Freshly ground beans, textured milk, gorgeous presentation: there is a way that your office can have all of these things for excellent value. With Cuco, you can understand how a commercial machine can save money without sacrificing quality and taste. With Cuco, you really can have it all. Here’s why our services are a true office coffee bargain. Here’s why our services are a true office coffee bargain.

What makes an office coffee bargain? Value and Quality.

What separates a deal from a bargain? Fundamentally, you have to be getting something of great quality for a price that’s not just reasonable, but great. With that in mind, let’s talk about the quality of our product.

The best coffee comes from the best beans, and we certainly haven’t cut any corners when it comes to sourcing the highest quality produce. From Brazil to Sumatra, our beans originate from the best coffee producing regions on the globe. Did you know that it takes up to 5 years for a freshly planted coffee tree to produce the cherries that become Cuco Coffee beans? Good things come to those who wait! Once the beans have been properly precessed and roasted, our premium machines transform them into delicious cups of coffee, with up to 32 specialty drink variations available.

But what will it cost you to access all that quality? Well, we’ve crunched the numbers and we’re delighted to report that a cup of Cuco coffee comes to less than €0.35. Imagine paying that in your local café! This is how to solve high coffee prices for your office. Furthermore, we’re confident that the price of leasing one of our machines is cheaper than what you’d otherwise spend on tins of instant coffee. Between the low prices and the high quality of our coffee, your office is getting a bargain.

Between the low prices and the high quality of our coffee, your office is getting a bargain. But there’s even more to sweeten the pot.

Cuco Coffee Perks

All the best deals have a few extras thrown in, and our office coffee bargain is no different. What bonuses can you expect when you sign up with Cuco Coffee?

Installation and Demo: There’s no need to worry about setting up your new machine when you sign up, we’ll take care of everything., regardless of where it needs to go or how much plumbing is needed. On top of that, we’ll do a demonstration with your staff to ensure that everyone knows exactly how to use the machine and get the perfect coffee for them.

Free Weekly Service: After your machine is set up, we’ll come back every week to clean and service it. This way, your coffee machine will always be in top condition, and you won’t need to worry about maintenance issues. This part of the package is absolutely free. There are no extra charges for this weekly service.

Choice of Machine and Blend: With four types of machine and three types of coffee bean blend available, we can tailor our services to your needs. Why not have your staff sample the different blends during the demo in order to decide on their favourite? Depending on the variety of coffee you want as well as the number of cups you will need in a day, we can help you pick out the perfect machine for your office.

Happy Employees: In our experience, there’s nothing like a hot, fresh cup of coffee to give you a boost. We believe that making high quality coffee available to your staff is a huge morale booster. As the weather gets colder, now is the perfect time to get a coffee machine for the office, as demand for hot drinks is sure to rise.

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