How to beat high street coffee prices

With spiralling inflation, rising fuel costs, and uncertainty about the economic future, is it any wonder coffee prices have gone up too? In this week’s blog, we will look at how our office coffee machines can save Dublin businesses money. But first, let’s look at why coffee in particular is undergoing such high inflation:

  • We import coffee beans from far away. This means there are more transport costs. Coffee goes through quite a lot before it arrives in our homes, cafés and workplaces. After they harvest the cherries, they have to be processed, dried, roasted and shipped. Every one of these stages requires loading, unloading, and moving from one place to another. Rising fuel prices have made all of this a lot more expensive. The greater the distance the coffee has to travel, the greater the impact of the increased prices. Therefore, we have seen quite an impact.
  • Demand is starting to outpace supply. According to some research, consumption is on track to outstrip production. Here in Ireland, many of us have witnessed the meteoric rise of coffee culture with our own eyes, so this is not hard to believe. Unless production finds a way to keep pace with demand, prices will remain high.
  • Covid-19 and ecological issues have disrupted the supply chain. For example, Brazil, which produces a third of all the world’s coffee, is undergoing a drought period that is having a serious impact on the crop. Travel restrictions from the Covid era affected producers’ ability to ship and the world is still recovering from that.


Office Coffee Machines: Dublin’s Remedy for High Prices

In the face of such challenges, it may seem like we have no choice but to resign ourselves to €4 cups of coffee for the forseeable future. However, all hope is not lost. As the demand for coffee has gone up, new players have entered the market with new ways of bringing coffee to you. There is a way to beat the high street prices, and don’t worry, we’re not talking about resorting to a kettle and a bag of instant! From our base in Dublin, our office coffee machines are the answer to finding an office coffee bargain.

We have many, time honoured methods of getting around high prices. Here’s how Cuco can help you do just that:

Cut out the Middleman

We’ve used a bit of poetic license here, as you can’t literally “cut out the middleman” with a product like coffee; the producers are simply too far away. What you can do, however, is cut out the high street retailers and replace them with us. How is this any better you might ask?

Well, when you buy a coffee from a café, you’re not just paying for a hot drink. There are more costs associated with selling coffee over the counter, such as wages for the baristas, rent for the premises, etc. Retailers pass these costs onto the consumer to make the business viable. Not so with Cuco: our machines produce delicious coffee automatically, and are easy to operate. We set up our office coffee machines directly in your workplace. True, we have our own costs, but they amount to far less than the high street prices, which is why we can help you save on coffee.

Buy in Bulk

Economies of scale are truly wonderful. Unlike the high street route, which requires buying tins of instant, bags of ground coffee, or even individual cups in dribs and drabs, Cuco provides bags of fresh beans. Our bean-to-cup machines do the rest, producing a perfect cup of coffee every time. By doing it this way, you get the added benefit of extra freshness on top of all the savings. We’ve done our research. We’re confident that our coffee costs as little as €0.35 per cup, or 85% cheaper than the average retail price.

Extra Benefits

No deal is complete without a few sweeteners thrown in for good measure. Here are some of the extra benefits you get from going with Cuco Coffee:

  • Free weekly service. On top of installing your coffee machine for you, we’ll come back every week and service it for free. We include deep cleaning as well as maintenance and repairs in this, so there’s no need to worry about faulty machines.
  • Tasting and training. As part of the package when you sign up with us, we will come to your office and do a demonstration where you will have the opportunity to sample our coffee. We will also walk you through how to operate the machine so that everybody can secure a cup of coffee without difficulty.
  • Great taste and your choice of blend. We pride ourselves on the taste, texture and overall quality of our coffee. We strive to make barista-style coffee available to all of our clients right in their offices. On top of this, we offer a choice of blends, each with their own strength and flavour, to suit all tastes.

Office Coffee Machines Dublin

Still not convinced? Get in touch with our sales team today for more information. We can help you decide which coffee machine is best suited to you, which blend to go for, and answer any other queries you may have. Contact us via email at, or by phone at +353 1 5267433.



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