How a Coffee Area Can Improve Productivity at Work

In the wake of COVID-19, we all had to reimagine the workplace totally. Many of us spent over a year working from home instead of the office. We discovered new benefits that arose from working remotely and were given cause to reflect on what we were missing from working in person.

In light of this, it’s worth asking ourselves what advantages the office is capable of offering. How can we make use of this purpose-built workspace to maximise employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity? At Cuco, we believe coffee holds the answers for activating many of the office’s unique advantages.

Creating a coffee corner optimises the office’s potential as a social hub where workers can bounce ideas off one another, creates a space for periodic breaks throughout the day, and unleashes the inherent benefits of the drink itself.

coffee corner at work

Understanding Work Productivity

The first step to understanding worker productivity is that employees are not machines. Nobody can simply sit still for eight hours every day and plough through their workload without looking up from their computer screen. We need to break up our days, take breaks and stretch our legs every now and again. Most people recognize this intuitively, but what does the science say?

The Water Cooler Effect

A group of MIT researchers devised an effective way to measure the impact of workplace socialisation. They provided groups of employees with special badges that recorded workers’ behaviour, especially when they interacted with one another. Their findings were enlightening:

  • Group cohesion is one of the most important predictors of productivity.
  • When workers got along well, they were able to share relevant knowledge easily, provide social support and develop good work ethics.
  • People learn more quickly and easily from each other than from a handbook.

Work-Life Balance

When asked what they look for when considering job opportunities, one of the top responses people give is work-life balance. This refers to an appropriate amount of time off and a clear delineation between working time and downtime, but also to an easier transition between these two states.

This is where the concept of flexible workspaces comes in: providing spaces where employees can prepare food, relax and socialise eases the passage of the workday and improves productivity.

Breaks and Burnout

Most of us have experienced some degree of burnout after a hard day’s work. Continuous working can be exhausting and this tiredness is a serious drag on productivity. The tried and tested solution is to punctuate the workday with a series of short ‘micro-breaks.’ This gives the brain an opportunity to reboot and refresh itself throughout the day.

coffee corner at work

The Concept of a Coffee Corner

The concept of a coffee corner is designed to bring together all of the elements described above in order to maximise worker productivity. A coffee corner at work directly addresses the common workplace problems that we’ve described and taps into our knowledge of productivity to boost output.

It’s easy to replicate the Water Cooler Effect with a coffee machine. A coffee corner at work provides a place in the office where employees can gather and chat. The majority of workers drink at least one cup of coffee every day, so it makes sense to take advantage of this fact and combine this daily (or hourly!) ritual with workplace socialisation. The results are increased worker cohesion, faster learning and higher productivity.

A coffee corner also provides a good buffer zone between work and home. Instead of spending too much on coffee from a café or making an inferior brew from their own kitchen, a coffee corner gives your workers a chance to enjoy a high-quality, barista-style coffee without any hassle.

Finally, a coffee corner at work makes it easier for workers to take short, effective breaks over the course of the day, reducing burnout and, once again, boosting productivity.

Benefits of a Coffee Corner at Work

A coffee corner, particularly one that makes use of a professional coffee machine, comes with a whole host of benefits. Here are even more ways that a coffee corner can unleash the potential of your office:

  • A more welcoming environment with a greater amount of perks is great for employee retention.
  • A coffee machine leased from Cuco will allow you to save your monthly coffee expenses while providing you with a higher-quality brew.
  • Coffee has significant health benefits that can make a difference in your company.

coffee corner at work

Wrapping Up

Coffee is inextricably entwined with workplace culture for a reason. The benefits of coffee in terms of maximising energy levels and productivity have been recognised for decades. In more recent years, we’ve discovered that coffee drinking at work also comes with social benefits that improve workplace cohesion and morale.

Providing a coffee corner at work is a simple, cost-effective way to improve your office. To find out more, get in touch with us today!

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