Commercial Coffee Machines: How To Choose

There’s never been a better time to be a coffee lover. As more and more people drink coffee, there are more options than ever before. Every taste, quality and setting are catered to in today’s market. From instant coffee, a budget-friendly option for your home, to high-end cafés for treating yourself, you can’t go wrong. For businesses, commercial coffee machines are the best solution. You benefit from the highest quality, the lowest prices, and the least amount of hassle. However, once you get to this point, you still have some choices to make. How do you choose your coffee machine provider? Which features will guarantee you the best service? What else should you be on the lookout for?

High-Quality Commercial Coffee Machines

When considering how office coffee machines differ from home machines, quality is an essential factor. This is the first thing you should check when looking at coffee providers. Remember, quality is one of the most significant selling points for commercial coffee machines, so make sure your provider passes this benchmark. The machines on offer should be top-of-the-line and meet some specifications.

  1. It should be a bean-to-cup machine, and this means the machine uses fresh beans, grinds them up, and serves fresh coffee: the complete package. If your commercial machine is grinding the beans from scratch, then it really isn’t up to desired standards in terms of taste. All Cuco machines are bean-to-cup.
  2. Your machine should be suited to your circumstances. Part of a quality service is matching the machine to your needs.  Your provider should be able to offer different types of machines depending on the size of your office and the demand for coffee. Coffee machines have different available coffee styles, dispensing speeds and bean capacity.

Commercial coffee machines should provide the highest quality coffee possible; normally, they are not one-size-fits-all.

Weekly Servicing

Coffee machines are relatively complex from a technical standpoint. There are a lot of moving parts, literally. Drip trays, grinders, filters, pipes, steamers, the list goes on. They also get used frequently, so it’s essential to maintain your machine to ensure it stays in good working order. Moreover, the machine uses a lot of fresh ingredients, which can create a build-up of ugly, unhygienic residue and can even interfere with the functionality.

Cleaning and maintaining your coffee machine is a tedious business, which is why a good provider will provide regular servicing. Our staff have the time and the know-how to do this for you. We take great pride in the quality of our services at Cuco which is why all of our customers recieve free, weekly servicing for their machines.


Signature Coffee Blends

This is what really separates the wheat from the chaff. At Cuco, we’ve taken great pains to develop our own signature coffee blends. Mixing different flavours and beans from the best coffee-producing regions in the world, we have created coffee blends that are as delicious as they are distinct. The finer points like this are what allow us to demonstrate our passion for coffee and providing our customers with the best flavours possible.

Whether you like your coffee strong and sweet or soft and subtle, we have the blend for you. We provide a free tasting to new clients, which is the perfect opportunity to pick out the best blend for you and your staff.

Customer Reviews

No matter what product or service you’re looking into, you should always check out customer reviews to make sure it’s up to scratch. Promises are one thing, delivery is another. You don’t have to take our word for it when we talk about great service, our customer reviews speak for themselves. Check out our ratings on Google or take a look at the testimonials on our website to find out more. We take customer satisfaction seriously and we believe our reviews are a reflection of this.

Short Term Agreements

Speaking of customer satisfaction, it’s important to us to build a relationship of trust and respect with our clients. If you think you might be interested in commercial coffee machines but don’t want to commit to a long-term contract, you might not have as many options. At Cuco, we have full confidence in our services and feel sure that, if you and your staff like coffee, we are a good match for you. That’s why we offer an initial three month contract with the option not to renew. This allows you to try everything out and make sure it’s a good fit without the headache of disentangling with your provider in the event that you don’t want to move forward.


Use Cuco For Commercial Coffee Machines

Cuco’s mission is to provide the best tasting coffee, the best service and the best overall experience for our customers. If you are interested in leasing a coffee machine for your office, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us today and we can talk about the best machine for you.


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