Bean-to-Cup vs Espresso Machine: Which Suits Your Needs?

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We all wish we could have barista-quality coffee every day without paying $7 for it. Luckily, you can achieve that authentic taste all on your own with the right coffee machine. Two of the most popular types of coffee machines are bean-to-cup and espresso machines. If you haven’t perfected your coffee ritual yet, picking one […]

5 Reasons Why Coffee Machines Are Essential In Schools

There is a unique link between teachers and coffee. In this article, we will discuss why coffee machines are essential in schools and how this can boost overall productivity. Teaching is undoubtedly a tiring job, but with access to freshly brewed cups of coffee, teachers can quickly recharge their energy levels. This is primarily why […]

Self-Service Coffee Solutions For Your Business

Having self-serve coffee machines is really convenient—your team members and customers can get their coffee just as good as they’d get from a cafe with a simple push of a button and absolutely no need to leave the office. 78% of Irish adults drink coffee daily, averaging three cups each, and it’s now as popular […]

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Bean To Cup Coffee Machine?

Ireland’s water and milk quality is great—way better than places like London and Paris. That’s why it has one of the best coffee scenes in the world, right in Dublin. You’ll find some charming coffee people and, of course, Irish coffee. To make the most of it, have a coffee machine at home and at […]

How Much Caffeine is there in a Cup of Coffee?

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Today’s office runs on coffee. Whether you own a big corporation or a small business, your workplace should have a coffee machine. Coffee fuels the daily hustle of your employees and keeps your team energised. But have you ever thought about the caffeine content in a cup of coffee? Or how it affects the focus […]

5 Things To Consider When Buying Commercial Coffee Machines

So you’ve decided to buy or upgrade a coffee machine for your office or workplace — congrats! Now comes the tricky part. Commercial coffee machines come in different shapes and sizes, as well as their available functions – which is why their prices can vary quite a lot. But how do you decide which machine […]

The Environmental Benefits of Renting a Coffee Machine for Your Office

You probably can’t function without your morning brew. You are not alone. The billions of coffee drinkers out there across the globe agree with you. In fact, just to understand the magnitude of coffee culture, there are over 2 billion cups of coffee consumed per day. But there’s one not-so-great truth about coffee that needs […]

How a Coffee Machine Rental Can Improve Workplace Morale

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Workplace morale – the key ingredient to having a team of loyal, happy employees serving your business for the long run. When you’ve nailed it, your company can truly flourish with the backbone of enthusiastic, motivated people running it. When morale is low, this can lead to reduced productivity, higher employee turnover, and a general […]

Choosing The Right Milk For Your Coffee Machine

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If you have a workplace coffee machine, have you ever considered the impact of the milk you’re using on the quality and taste of your coffee? Although subtle, choosing a suitable milk for the type of coffee machine you have can make a big difference, ultimately boosting your employee and customer experience. In a nutshell, […]

Why Choose a Bean to Cup Machine for your office?

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Are you tired of high maintenance costs and hunting for technical expertise for your traditional coffee machine? Or maybe you’re looking to elevate the office experience of your employees and staff with technologically advanced bean to cup coffee machines… It makes sense that you’re considering the upgrade; bean to cup machines offer convenience, customisation, and, […]