Bean to Cup Coffee Machines 20 reasons to choose one for your office.

Bean to Cup coffee machines: 20 reasons to choose one for your office.

Bean to Cup coffee machines, anyone who is a regular coffee drinker is likely to have come across these Café-Esque machines at some point. The value of Bean to Cup machines is in the name of taking whole beans and making your desired cup of coffee, and the coffee is produced by following the basics of a café-made coffee.

Besides the fact that you can have great café-style coffees at the push of a button, there are many benefits to Bean to Cup machines in the office.

Reasons to have one of Cuco Coffees Bean to Cup coffee machines in your office.

1. Easy access to great coffee

Bean to cup machines in the office makes a great cup of coffee available on-demand at any time of the day. No need to make a coffee run to the local café.

2. Fresh roasted whole beans

Cuco Coffee machines only use fresh whole beans. This means the Bean is ground only when needed to make a cup of coffee. It ensures the freshness of the Bean with no drying out of the oils required to produce that lovely crème on top of espressos or americanos. The beans may have been ground well ahead of their required use with other office coffee machines.

3. Burr Grinder

All Cuco Coffees Bean to Cup Machines come standard with a burr grinder. Burr grinders are used in cafes to grind the Bean before the coffee is made. The reason a burr grinder is essential is due to the way it grinds the beans. The Burr grinder crushes the Bean to the required size between two cogs. This ensures the purest grinding process allowing the best flavour to be extracted from the coffee bean. However, due to speed, other grinders, such as electric grinders, tend to generate friction and thus heat; this can change the bean flavour.

4. Large Puck – Quantity of coffee in your cup

The amount of coffee in your daily cup is not as straightforward as you think. Pod coffee machines tend to have around 7 grams of ground coffee beans per cup. However, Bean to Cup machines such as Cuco Coffees has an internal puck that can hold 11 grams of freshly ground coffee beans. This brings them the closest to the Barista made coffee, using roughly 17 grams. This tends to result in Bean to Cup machines providing the best value per cup compared to alternative office coffee options.

5. Fresh Milk Fridge and System

Unlike other office coffee systems, Cuco Coffees Bean to Cup machines all come standard with a fresh milk fridge. This makes it possible for the machine to pull fresh milk when needed into the milk system. The milk system on our Bean to Cup coffee machines can texture milk for smooth flat whites or froth milk for a creamy cappuccino.

6. Wide variety of choice

Bean to Cup coffee machines, especially with the milk fridge and system, allow for a much great variety of choices than alternative office coffee options. Cuco’s Bean to Cup machines offer a lot of choices with 21 – 32 different beverages. This ensures there is always something for everyone.

7. Easy to use

A Bean to cup machine is very user-friendly. Placing a cup under the spout and pushing the picture of your chosen beverage is as simple as that. Then, with Cuco Coffees installation and setup, we pre-set all the drinks around your office cups. No mess, no fuss, just a great cup of coffee.

8. Great service to offer clients

When clients arrive, offering them coffee is always a good ice breaker. With a bean to cup machine, you can provide clients with an impressive range of options. From smooth flat whites to rich cappuccinos or golden crème topped espressos, to name but a few.

9. Customisable coffee, be your own Barista

While we set our Bean to Cup coffee machines to office cup sizes, it does not mean you cannot still take control. More milk or less milk? Less coffee or stronger coffee? No problem… All Cuco Coffees machines allow you to customise your chosen beverage at each step of the coffee process. You can be your own Barista.

10. Health benefits

As mentioned in a previous blog, drinking coffee has many health benefits. These mainly revolve around fresh made coffees. So don’t feel bad having that extra cup.

11. Team building

Research in offices has found that watercooler chat, or coffee time as we call it, can lead to increased productivity. This is not only because of the caffeine kick; staff tend to cross paths at the coffee machine, possibly even linger for a chat over a great cup of coffee. Communication in the office always has a positive benefit, so why not add a great cup of coffee too.

12. Office perk

Returning to the office can seem a bit daunting with the introduction to remote working or working from home becoming a part of life over the last two years. However, having a refreshed office with great coffee on tap can make the return a little easier. In addition, with most people frequenting local coffee shops, the demand for good barista-style coffee has increased. Now with a Bean to Cup coffee machine, you can bring that style and quality coffee into the office.

13. Cuco coffee Bean to cup machines maintenance

Many parts make up the machine, with Bean to cup coffee machines replicating the barista process. Like any machine, to ensure longevity and quality, maintenance is required. That’s why at Cuco Coffee, all our Bean to Cup machines come with free maintenance; all that is needed is to enjoy the coffee.

14. Cuco Coffee Bean to Cup coffee machines support

With Cuco Coffee, we are always on hand to ensure your coffee needs are met. On-call 5 days a week with a rapid turnaround time from when you call us. Question about the machine? Need more coffee? Just give us a call. Free call-outs are standard with all our Bean to cup coffee machines.

15. Bean to Cup coffee machines are easy to clean

With Bean to cup coffee machine, a few things are required to keep it running smoothly, but all are easy to do. From topping up beans when needed, to topping up the water tank from time to time (if not a plumbed machine). Also, once the coffee grind holder is full, it needs emptying. The machines have an automatic cleaning mode, ensuring the milk system is always clean and ready for use. For the rest of the cleaning, all Cuco Coffees bean to cup machines come standard with weekly deep cleaning of the machine and milk system.

16. Cuco Coffee’s weekly clean and servicing of Bean to Cup coffee machines

As mentioned above, Cuco provides weekly cleaning and servicing with all our Bean to Cup coffee machines. This ensures that the coffee is always at its best, with no downtime without access to coffee. The service comes free of charge and is standard with all our machines.

17. The footprint of Cuco’s Bean to Cup coffee machines

Due to the Bean to Cup machine using fresh whole beans, the by-product of the coffee-making process is compostable organic coffee grounds. The machine uses only the amount of water required for the chosen coffee. The coffee machine goes into standby mode when not in use to save electricity. The machine switches itself off at the end of the working day, further saving electricity.

18. Rainforest Alliance

Regarding the beans used in our machines, Cuco Coffee beans are certified by Rainforest Alliance. Here is a short clip on the rainforest alliance, or you can read about the Rainforest Alliance here.

19. Contactless Operation of Cuco’s Bean to Cup coffee machines

All Cuco Coffees office coffee machines can be controlled via an app or by scanning a QR code. This allows full user customisation of their chosen coffee or operation without touching the machine.

20. Three-month contract on Cuco’s Bean to cup coffee machines

At Cuco Coffee, we believe that our service, machines and coffee speak for themselves. That’s why we offer a 3-month contract to start so you can see why Cuco Coffee is the right choice for your office. All our contracts include free weekly servicing, cleaning and maintenance of the machine and free call-outs.

Get in touch with Cuco if you want more information on our Bean to Cup Coffee Machines or Services.

To see more information on our Bean to cup coffee machines click here, to contact us about the right machine for your office or arrange a trial click here.

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