The return of the office water cooler chat

Return to the office and return of the water cooler chat

We have all grown accustomed to the work from home life. We find comfort in our regular breaks to the local pop up coffee shop for a sneaky takeaway before getting back to work at our home office setup.

As mentioned in a previous blog, our intake of coffee has increased over the past year and a half. And as we increase our consumption, we become more discerning. No-one has time for a bad cup of coffee! As a result of this, the quality of coffee we consume has improved significantly.

With the return to office underway, we at Cuco Coffee want to make sure that our coffee breaks remain as flavourful and rewarding as we have become accustomed to at home.

Another happy office event to look forward to is the water cooler chat, or as we like to call it: “coffee catch-ups.” These quick social moments offer great craic and coffee, lifts the spirits and helps re-focus and re-energise us. There is also research coming out showing additional positive spin-offs of these interactions that would make any business sit up and take notice.

The benefits of the office “coffee catch-ups”

According to a post in the Harvard business review, when top-selling pharmaceutical executives were analysed, it was  noted that when they interacted with other staff 10% more, there was a 10% increase in sales. See the full article here. The way businesses managed the interaction was by strategically placing coffee machines throughout the premises, allowing various staff from different sectors of the business to cross paths at or near the machine.

Following on from this, a recent article by Forbes sited various difficulties businesses faced in keeping staff motivated as well as issues around communication and collaboration while working from home.

For any company to thrive, employees should feel connected and involved in the business. Otherwise offices would start to become more clinical and the communal spirit of working together towards a goal become more individual and disconnected.

We are not saying a coffee machine in the office will build the best team, but it sure will get the conversation started.

Try it out for free in your office and see if it works for your office.

Why not get in touch with us to arrange a free trial in your office? See for yourself and your employees how Cuco Coffee fits into the return to your office.


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