Workplace coffee and the many benefits

Workplace coffee and the benefits

Before delving into workplace coffee and its benefits, a great cup of coffee anywhere has many benefits. An example such as the kickstart to your day, the pick me up during the midday slump, and other purported health benefits. For more on the benefits of a great cup of coffee, see our previous blog here.

Another consideration before looking at workplace coffee. How do you currently get a great cup of coffee, from fresh bean to cup? For example, do you have a regular stop by the coffee shop each day? Or perhaps make one at home in a to-go cup? Or maybe your office has a fresh bean to cup machine or a barista on-site?

Having access to great coffee, more so great workplace coffee, is the foundation upon which we built our business. Firstly by finding a high-quality commercial coffee machine for the job. That job is ensuring fresh beans are ground by burr grinder allowing the fullest unaltered flavour to be extracted from our signature roasted beans. Then it is onto the perfect compaction of the grounds in the puck before 92 Degree water is pushed through under pressure, leaving a golden crema on top of a beautiful coffee. Our workplace coffee machines repeat this process perfectly as many times as needed and with no changes to the quality.

All our workplace coffee machines come standard with fresh milk fridges. The fridge ensures that textured milk for Flat Whites or Foamy and Creamy milk for cappuccinos is available on demand.

As if having great coffee in the office isn’t enough benefit, here are some other benefits of workplace coffee machines.

Workplace coffee – A perk for staff.


As we mentioned above and have done previously, coffee is part of everyday working life for most people. If staff don’t have access to great coffee, the local coffee shop will usually be the port of call, either before the start of the working day, during the day, or both. With great workplace coffee, staff have the convenience of not having to rush off to the coffee shop. Grabbing a great cup of coffee to start your day or during your day without a lot of travel or effort is a great perk. It also leads to another benefit of workplace coffee.

Increased productivity

The first example, staff no longer need to lose valuable break-time to go and get a great coffee. Having easy access to great coffee in the workplace has a quick turnaround time allowing staff to enjoy more break time. Also, during the midday slump that sometimes occurs, having workplace coffee gives staff instant access to a pick me up on tap throughout the day.

Cross-pollination of ideas

Yet another benefit of workplace coffee is the ‘watercooler chat’ around the coffee machine. Staff from different departments or areas of the company tend to cross paths near the coffee machine. This interaction can lead to sharing ideas and raising morale as we all like to chat with someone during the course of our day. Especially after the previous two years, getting the conversation started between staff members upon returning to the office is made easier over a great cup of coffee.

Workplace coffee also has its perk for clients.

In business, first impressions are crucial, so aside from the pleasantries when clients arrive, offering them a great cup of coffee helps add to the professionalism and break the ice. Especially when it comes to the variety, you can offer them thanks to our workplace coffee machines, flat white, creamy cappuccino or to the point americanos or espressos. The choice is theirs.

Great coffee while being environmentally conscious

We always believe great workplace coffee should not come at the cost of the environment. That’s why our beans are from farms that use best agricultural practices and ensure equitable economic participation from all participants in the coffee cycle. For this reason, our beans are rainforest alliance certified. In addition, our coffee bean bags are recyclable, and cups, lids and grinds are compostable.

Here is a quick clip on the rainforest alliance and our beans.

The question that remains is, what do you do for your workplace coffee?

We have a range of machines to suit every workplace and three signature bean blends to suit most tastes. We are confident we can meet and exceed all your workplace coffee needs.

Our range of machines, from the Classic covering 20-30 cups per day, Select 30 -60 cups per day, Elite 60 -150 cups per day and our Elite plus covering 150 cups and more per day. Our range of three fresh roasted coffee bean blends is the Signature bean blend, Cafe Bean Blend and Premium bean blend.

If you don’t currently have a workplace coffee solution, or even if you do and are just interested in trying something new. Why not try our machines, coffee bean blends and service to see if it works for your office. Otherwise, why not compare us to your existing workplace coffee; get in touch. We would be happy to arrange a free trial for your office.

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