Introducing our Office Café Blend

Our New Office Café Blend.

We are pleased to introduce our new Office Café Blend.

Something a little stronger for our coffee lovers!

A beautiful blend of Brazil, Central America and Indian coffee beans combine to provide you with a more intense and richer cup of coffee.

If you’re wondering what is Arabica coffee, it’s one of the two main types of coffee beans, along with Robusta. We’ve carefully blended Arabica and Robusta coffee beans together to give tasting notes of Cocoa with a delicious balanced acidity.

Whether your preference is an Americano or Flat White, our Café Blend is sure to be a popular choice when placed through our fully maintained office coffee machines.

Thanks for reading. If you would like to try our unique office coffee blends why not arrange a tasting here or contact us on (01)5267433 or email

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