What is Arabica Coffee?

At Cuco Coffee our exclusive office coffee blends are 100% Arabica coffee. But what does this mean?

Arabica coffee is the world’s most popular coffee, accounting for over 60% of coffee production globally. Arabica Coffee made from the Arabica bean come from the plant Coffea Arabica. The plant originates from the Ethiopian  Highlands. It was first cultivated in Yemen, along with early first records of coffee brewing. From there it has made its way around the globe.

The ideal environment unsurprisingly is much like the one it was first found in, Arabica plants are cultivated generally between 1300m -1500m above sea level. Tropical climates are also favourable to the plant as while it can withstand cold it will not survive frost.

Like with most agriculture finding the right balance of location, climate, soil and some luck can get the best results from the beans.

From Arabica Plant to Arabica Coffee

When cultivated just right, the Arabica Beans have the potential flavours ranging from chocolate, nuts, caramel to notes of some fruits and berries. Arabica coffee generally offers a beautiful cup of coffee without the bitterness associated with other coffee bean types such as Robusta.

Before we get the roasted brown bean we all know as coffee beans, the Arabica plant after 2-4 years produces a small fruit called a coffee cherry. These cherries contain two coffee beans inside.

The Cherries are picked by hand, this helps ensure quality. The skin and fruit on the cherries is removed in one of four ways. They are Natural Process, Washed/Wet Process, Wet Hulled Process and Honey Process.

Natural Process

Once picked the cherries are sorted by hand, then once sorted the cherries are left to dry on a drying bed. They are raked regularly to avoid spoiling while fermenting for 3-6 weeks. Then a machine performs the de-pulping to remove the Arabica coffee ‘Green Bean’.

Washed/Wet Process

Once picked the cherries are placed in water and then sorted to choose the best cherries. The Cherries are then put through a machine to de-pulp them. The Arabica coffee ‘Green Beans’ are then washed to remove any remaining pulp and put on drying beds to dry.

Wet Hulled Process

The picked cherries are placed in water and sorted. Once sorted they are placed into a machine for de-pulping all that remains is a layer around the bean called mucilage . The Cherries are then placed into a container to ferment where the mucilage forms a thick husk. Once fermentation is complete the husks are removed by a machine before the arabica coffee ‘Green Bean’ is placed on drying beds.

Honey Process

Once picked the Cherries are placed in water and sorted. They are then de-puled by machine while leaving the mucilage around the bean. With the mucilage around the bean they are then placed on drying beds. The Mucilage is what determines the sweetness (honey) part of the process. They are raked regularly while drying to prevent spoiling, then once dried placed through a husking machine.

The Result

Once the chosen process is complete a dense, pale bean with grassy sent known as a ‘green bean’ is left. From here the Arabica coffee ‘Green Beans’ are loaded into Hessian Sacks and shipped off to the roasting destination.

Each roaster has there own process combining heat, time, roasting equipment and origin of bean that defines their signature coffee bean blends.

What are Cuco Coffees Office Coffee Bean Blends

Cuco Coffee Signature Blend

Our Signature coffee carefully blends 100% Arabica beans sourced from Brazil, Honduras & Sumatra creating a delicate aroma. The wonderfully smooth, medium strength flavour has a hint of caramel sweetness that is balanced out with a peppery finish. The resulting blend is light and ideal for those who are used to more subtle tones.

Cuco Coffee Premium Blend

Our Premium coffee masterfully blends 100% Arabica beans sourced from Brazil, East Africa & Sumatra creating an exciting and unique tasting coffee. This medium-light roast has a wonderful, sweet, caramel base with a fruity and bold spice finish. This blend is for those looking for something a little bit more indulgent.

Cuco Coffee Café Blend – Arabica Coffee and Robusta

Our Café Blend is a beautiful blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans sourced from Brazil, Central America and India. This intense and rich coffee has a heavy body delivering delicious tasting notes of dark chocolate and cocoa. Our Café Blend is something special for all coffee lovers.

The Rainforest Alliance and Cuco Coffee Arabica Coffee

Cuco coffee beans are also Rainforest Alliance certified. What does this mean? Coffee, one of the world’s most traded commodities, is the economic backbone of countries throughout Latin America, Asia and Africa. Yet smallholder farmers in these coffee-growing regions face many challenges. These include poverty, commodity price fluctuations and increasingly erratic rainfall patterns caused by climate change.

The Rainforest Alliance has strengthened the position of sustainable coffee farmers. They have done this by training them in methods that boost yields and safeguard the health of the land for future generations.

CUCO Coffee are proud to be a member of the Rainforest Alliance. Cuco Coffee are proud to support the future of the worlds coffee farms and the environment

Thanks for reading. If you would like to try our unique office coffee blends why not arrange a free trial here or contact us at (01)5267433 or email info@cucocoffee.ie

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