How Much Does It Cost To Run A Bean To Cup Coffee Machine?

Ireland’s water and milk quality is great—way better than places like London and Paris. That’s why it has one of the best coffee scenes in the world, right in Dublin.

You’ll find some charming coffee people and, of course, Irish coffee. To make the most of it, have a coffee machine at home and at the workplace.

Running a manual or semi-automatic coffee machine is a bit too technical and time-consuming for an average person (unless you’re a perfectionist or a coffee enthusiast), especially for people in big cities like Dublin who are flat out with their busy lives.

A bean-to-cup coffee machine can sort that out. Just hit a button, and you’ll have a great cuppa brewed fresh from the grind.

But how much would it cost to run a bean-to-cup machine? Read on to find out and learn how to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

What Is a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine?

Bean-to-cup machines are called such because they start with whole coffee beans and end with a perfect steaming cup of coffee. Once you punch in your order on the screen, the machine grinds just the right amount of beans for your brew and steams the milk just right.

They’re the best-automated coffee machines since other machines rely on pre-ground coffee that quickly loses its flavour. Grinding beans fresh before brewing guarantees your coffee has the right flavour every time.

Plus, there’s no room for human error, so you can count on a flawless cuppa consistently. Brewing coffee is a real art—you might not hit the exact mark a skilled barista would, but you’d be amazed at how close you can get with just a touch of a button.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

The actual expenses of owning a bean-to-cup coffee machine come from running it over time. Here are a few things that can jack up the overall cost in the long run:

Power Consumption

To figure out how much it costs in Ireland to power your bean-to-cup coffee machine each time you use it:

  1. Look in the user manual or specs to see how many watts (W) your machine uses. Usually, it’s around 1200W (1.2kW).
  2. Multiply the wattage by the time you use it, in hours, to get watt-hours (Wh). If it’s 1200W and you use it for 0.25 hours (15 minutes), that’s 1.2 kW × 0.25 hours Energy (kWh) = 0.3 kWh.
  3. Multiply the energy use in kWh by your area’s electricity cost per kWh to find the cost each time. If it’s €0.20/kWh, then it’s 0.3 kWh × €0.20/kWh. Cost per use = €0.06.

Maintenance Costs

The bean-to-cup coffee machine maintenance cost depends on a few factors, like how tricky the issue is, the price of parts, how long the technician is on-site, and whether you have a service plan.

Simple fixes and maintenance (swapping gaskets or seals, for example) are usually pretty affordable, but bigger jobs like sorting out steam boilers or motherboards can be pricey.

Service plans can help soften the blow. They offer fixed rates or even free repairs. Expect to pay around €200 for basic services and up to €1100 for major replacements.

Cost of Coffee Beans: Whole Beans vs. Ground Coffee

A 1kg bag of coffee beans usually costs about €21, although prices can differ. This size bag can brew roughly 142 cups of coffee, which is about €0.15 per cup.

Whole-bean coffee is a bit pricier than ground coffee simply because it tends to be of higher quality.

Unlike pre-ground options, the beans are often sourced from better crops and are freshly roasted. Using whole beans leads to a better cup of coffee, and that quality is worth the extra cost.

How to Lower Your Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine Operating Costs

To cut costs on your bean-to-cup coffee machine, maintain it, use filtered water, buy beans in bulk, train your staff, and monitor usage.

Invest in the best commercial coffee machines equipped with energy-saving modes and high-quality components, especially if you run a business serving coffee regularly. Also, look into refurbished machines and negotiate service deals.

Economical Options for Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

If you need an affordable bean-to-coffee machine that still has high-end features, the Cuco 50 is perfect for a small office, company, or organisation with lower drink demands.

For higher volume, the Cuco 100 is the perfect mid-tier choice. And for more premium quality and a range of specialty drinks, check out the Cuco 200.

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