The Environmental Benefits of Renting a Coffee Machine for Your Office

You probably can’t function without your morning brew. You are not alone. The billions of coffee drinkers out there across the globe agree with you. In fact, just to understand the magnitude of coffee culture, there are over 2 billion cups of coffee consumed per day.

But there’s one not-so-great truth about coffee that needs to be discussed: coffee is not good for the environment.

For businesses and organisations on the lookout to reduce carbon footprint and promote sustainability, one often overlooked place for them to start is the office coffee machine. This one key area can make a big impact on optimising sustainability. Let’s look at why.

The Environmental Impact of Coffee

The sad reality is that coffee processing can negatively affect our Earth in more ways than you think. Here are some of them:

  1. Coffee Production increases deforestation and loss of biodiversity
    Forests are cleared to make room for sun-grown coffee plants. In this production process, it creates a domino effect. Forests are cleared, species lose their habitats, and eventually, they become extinct with the loss of biodiversity and the interruption of natural balancing mechanisms that such biodiversity creates in these ecosystems.
  2. Coffee Production is water-demanding
    It may shock you, but coffee production is a major water hog. Do you know that it takes 140 litres of water to produce just one cup of coffee? For some perspective, that’s like taking a 30-minute shower.
  3. Processing and shipping coffee contributes to greenhouse gas emissions
    The process of getting that coffee from the farm to your cup. From harvesting to dry milling to sorting—all of these give off greenhouse gases. Plus, the packaging and transportation stages make up about 4% of the emissions. Not to mention coffee packaging from those takeaway cups that just about every cafe uses.

While this may all sound like difficult news to hear, there’s some hope for coffee lovers to support environmental sustainability and still get their daily cup of joe. Read on.

What Does Renting a Coffee Machine Mean?

Ever wanted a fancy coffee machine, but the price tag makes you want to gulp down your bitter instant coffee instead? Buying coffee takeouts is also not a practical or cost effective option, either. Renting commercial coffee machines might just be the perfect solution.

Basically, by renting a coffee machine, you’re borrowing it for a set amount of time. This means you pay a monthly fee, but you’ll never actually own it. The good thing about this arrangement is that installation, maintenance, and servicing are all part of the deal.

And you’ll love the option to extend the rental agreement once your time’s up. It gives you the flexibility to upgrade to the latest and greatest anytime without breaking the bank.

How Renting a Coffee Machine Reduces Waste

As mentioned earlier, coffee production has a huge toll on the environment. That’s why renting a coffee machine is the way to go for waste reduction. When you rent a machine, you typically:

  • Use bulk coffee beans or grounds instead of individual pods or capsules (more economical usage of coffee beans)
  • Opt for reusable cups and mugs instead of disposable ones – packaging waste is significantly reduced.
  • Benefit from the provider’s eco-friendly disposal and recycling practices (if they’re a company committed to environmental sustainability).

There are other ways to also mitigate the environmental impact of coffee production, and that’s by choosing sustainably sourced beans, and local processing companies. Your coffee machine rental provider often has great recommendations for these types of beans, or even sells such coffee beans as part of their service.

Sustainability Advantages of Renting Coffee Machines

Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, there are also additional sustainability advantages to renting a coffee machine. This includes:

  • Energy efficiency: You’ll have lesser power consumption because some rental providers often supply energy-efficient machines.
  • Maintenance: Regular servicing ensures peak performance and longevity without the need for frequent replacements.
  • Sustainable sourcing: Many rental providers partner with coffee suppliers who prioritise sustainable farming practices and fair trade.

How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Coffee Machine

When picking a coffee machine for office locations, here are some key features to look for and questions to consider when deciding:

  • The machine’s longevity and durability – is it known to work well for a long time (and is there a great warranty to back it up?)
  • Availability of reusable cups and mugs (do you get them as part of the coffee machine rental?)
  • Compatibility with bulk coffee beans or grounds (does this allow you to purchase coffee more sustainably?)
  • Energy efficiency ratings and features like auto-shut off (has the manufacturer created an efficient machine?)
  • The provider’s commitment to sustainable practices and recycling (have they shared their commitment to sustainability?)

Wrapping Up

Making the simple switch of renting a coffee machine can have a massive impact on the environment in various ways. Once you experience the benefits of a rental machine, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the change sooner. Go ahead and take that first sip towards sustainability.

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