Office Coffee Machines: Keep A Cosy Office This Winter


There are two types of winter. The first is a cold, dark, grim version where seasonal depression abounds and you can barely hold your yearly cold at bay. There is also a version where bright, warm interiors contrast the dark and cold outside, and where sipping a hot drink brings you that extra layer of satisfaction. Which version is it in your office? Thankfully, it is largely within our control. The type of winter we end up with depends on the decisions that we make now. That’s where Cuco’s office coffee machines come in. Short of buying a personal heater for each member of your staff, we think this is the most positive change you can make this winter. Here are some of the benefits of being a Cuco customer this winter:


The most obvious benefit of having a supply of coffee on hand at the office is that it gives you and your employees a boost. When you need it most, coffee is a great way to give yourself a quick shot of energy. The cold weather saps up our energy very quickly meaning you could easily start to flag before the day finishes. Sometimes, a cup of coffee is just what you need to get you over that mid-day slump.

Perhaps more importantly, it is a great way to start the day. Imagine how much easier the morning commute would be if, after a shivering car/bus journey or a gruelling cycle, there was a delicious cup of barista-style coffee for you on the other end. There’s no fiddling around with kettles, filters or tins of instant either.  Simply place your cup on the tray and, at the touch of a button, the machine makes the perfect cup of coffee every time. It really is the little things like this that allow us to keep going some cold, winter mornings.


Our office coffee machines represent a true quality-of-life upgrade for the workplace. Something that will be felt all the more keenly in the winter. Firstly, as we mentioned above, they are easy to use. Often, the worst thing about making a cup of coffee is waiting around for the kettle to boil. If your office uses a drip machine instead, then Murphy’s Law states that the person who finished the last serving didn’t bother making a fresh pot. The great feeling of getting fresh coffee immediately on demand cannot be overstated. What’s more, we guarantee that the quality of Cuco coffee is above and beyond anything you’d find in a tin of instant. Freshly ground, carefully selected blends of coffee beans with hot, textured milk. What could be better?

Our office coffee machines can make all of the most popular types of coffee: americanos, cappuccinos, macchiatos, you name it. You just can’t replicate that with a standard coffee machine. Of course, you could brave the cold and make your way to the closest high-street coffee chain and spend up to €5 for a single cup, but isn’t it far more convenient to have it available right there in the office?

Office Coffee Machines

To find out more about our office coffee machines, click here or give us a call today! On top of all the benefits listed above, Cuco customers avail of:

  • An installation and coffee tasting to help you choose the best blend and to make sure everyone knows how to use the machine.
  • Our fantastic prices. We’ve estimated that our coffee costs less than €0.35 per cup.
  • A free weekly service. We’ll send someone by every week to ensure that your machine is in perfect working order as well as being clean.

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