5 Things To Consider When Buying Commercial Coffee Machines

So you’ve decided to buy or upgrade a coffee machine for your office or workplace — congrats! Now comes the tricky part. Commercial coffee machines come in different shapes and sizes, as well as their available functions – which is why their prices can vary quite a lot. But how do you decide which machine to buy and what metrics to measure it on?

In this article, we will show you the top 5 things to consider when buying a commercial coffee machine.

By the end, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and be ready to please everyone in your workspace. Read on.

1. Decide Whether to Buy or Rent

Getting the right commercial coffee machine is important if you’re a business owner in Ireland looking to open a cafe or provide coffee services at your organisation.

These machines are made to handle the big demand of a commercial setting, ensuring good quality coffee every time. However, with so many options, picking the best one for your needs can be confusing.

If you’re not sure about investing fully in buying a coffee machine for office, you can consider renting one. We have a range of rental coffee machines available. You can try them before buying.

2. Evaluate Your Business’ Coffee Needs

Do you have an evaluation of how much coffee your business needs to operate and satisfy your customers and employees? If not, this is the next thing you need to find out.

Find out the following things:

  • the number of cups you’ll serve daily
  • the types of coffee drinks you plan to offer at your business premises (like espresso, cappuccino, latte)
  • and the busiest times when demand will be highest.

When you understand these things, you will be able to narrow your choices and get a machine that fits your needs.

3. Learn Capacity and Size Requirements

Commercial coffee machines come in different capacities and sizes. However, they are typically grouped from low-volume to high-volume.

Low-volume machines are a good fit if you need to serve up to 50 cups per day. You can also go with a medium-volume machine that can serve 150-200 cups.

But the gigantic, high-volume machines give 200-500 cups per day. These machines are perfect if you have a larger place or serve many customers.

The machine’s size also matters, especially if your workplace or office lacks counter or floor space. How? Bigger machines with multiple group heads (where the coffee is brewed) may be faster during busy times you need a huge counter or floor space to put them.

Capacity/Size Estimated Output Suitable For Space Requirement
Low-volume Up to 50 cups per day Small cafes, offices Minimal counter or floor space
Medium-volume 150-200 cups per day Medium-sized cafes, restaurants, offices Moderate counter or floor space
High-volume 200-500 cups per day Large cafes, restaurants, event venues Generous counter or floor space

4. Automatic vs Manual Machines

In the Irish market, you’ll find two main types of commercial coffee machines: automatic and manual. Automatic or bean to cup machines are made for convenience. Press a button, and the machine grinds the beans, brews, and pours the coffee. If you have untrained staff or baristas, these automatic machines will make the job easier!

On the other hand, manual or semi-automatic machines give you more control over the brewing, letting skilled baristas adjust things like grind size and extraction time. These often make superior coffee but require more hands-on work and training.

5. Look For Maintenance and Service

Like any commercial equipment you could think of, coffee machines need regular maintenance to keep working at their best. When you choose a coffee machine, don’t forget to consider the maintenance needs and whether the manufacturer or supplier offers service support.

You should ask about warranties, getting spare parts, and routine service costs with the prospective suppliers. Some suppliers offer full maintenance packages or on-site service so your machine doesn’t break down.

Why Choose Cuco Coffee Machines?

For Irish businesses needing a reliable, high-quality commercial coffee solution, Cuco Coffee Machines are a top choice. Our Irish company makes bean-to-cup coffee machine models, Cuco 50, Cuco 100, and Cuco 200, designed for different business sizes and volumes.

Cuco’s machines are easy to use, giving you barista-style coffee with the convenience of an automatic system. We offer exclusive coffee blends for superior taste, so your customers get an excellent cup every time.

We also have different pricing packages to suit all budgets so businesses of any size can afford their products. Plus, you also get free weekly service with us, so your machine is regularly maintained and working properly.
We don’t just do machines – we also sell high-quality Arabica coffee beans and accessories like compostable cups, hot chocolate, and reusable cups.

Sum Up

Choosing the right commercial coffee machine is important for your business’ success. By carefully considering your coffee needs, understanding the different machine types, and prioritising maintenance and service, you can make the best choice for your goals and budget. For Irish businesses wanting a reliable, complete solution, Cuco Coffee Machines is an excellent option with quality, convenience, and exceptional service.

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