Introducing Cuco Hot Chocolate & The Mocha

Hot chocolate from Willie’s Cacao is now available at Cuco Coffee!

It is no secret that hot chocolate and coffee are a perfect pairing for one’s office. With mornings becoming darker and colder, why not embrace the seasonal change and warm up with a delicious mocha using any of our great Cuco Coffee blends and Willie’s Cacao.

The benefits of Hot Chocolate

Organic Cacao is serotonin packed, antioxidant-rich, delicious superfood! A perfect pick-me-up for these cold gloomy mornings.

A study from the British Lung Foundation has even found that cacao is effective at easing persistent coughs!

cacao powder is also a natural source of:

  • fibre, supporting a healthy gut
  • protein, required to maintain and grow muscle mass
  • potassium, important for muscular and neurological function
  • magnesium, essential for energy metabolism and healthy psychological function, bones and teeth
  • natural compounds are known to reduce anxiety and lift our moods
  • antioxidants, supporting radiant, younger-looking skin

So, what is a mocha and how do you make one;

A Mocha is like your typical chocolate but with that coffee kick, you need to get you through the day.

What to do:

  • Put 1 teaspoon of Willie’s Hot Chocolate in your cup
  • Add sugar if required
  • Use your Cuco coffee machine to pour 1 espresso over the hot chocolate and mix
  • Pour steamed milk and frothed milk over mix
  • Enjoy!

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Watch more about Willies Cacao here

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