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Commercial Coffee Machines and types of coffee.

by Michael Gombart, 30 May

Commercial Coffee Machines and types of coffee.

Most offices have commercial coffee machines, but their coffees and quality widely differ. At Cuco Coffee, our machines and our business is based on providing café style coffee to offices without a barista or barista machine. The art of attaining the perfect crème and packed flavour espresso has been over 100 years in the making; you can read more about that on our previous blog. With Cuco Coffee commercial coffee machines, we are not trying to reinvent the wheel; we simplify it.

Café vs Commercial Coffee Machines

The basics of café style quality coffee are good beans, sound equipment, and a knowledgeable barista. We all love our local coffee shop and baristas, but unfortunately, we can’t always have access to the café while at the office. With our commercial coffee machines and our signature bean blends, you can get café style coffee at the push of a button.

Beans and Grinds

As we mentioned, the basics are good beans; the next step is to grind the beans. In the café, you would usually find a burr grinder; this ensures a consistent grind without altering the flavour of the beans. The beans are ground only when needed to ensure maximum freshness and flavour. Our commercial coffee machines are no different. All our commercial coffee machines have a burr grinder inside and whole bean hoppers meaning beans are only ground when needed.

Coffee Puck

Under pressure

In the café, the ground coffee goes into a puck which generally holds around 17grams of ground coffee. All our machines have 11gram pucks, not as large as the café but more significant than any pod or alternative automatic office coffee solution. A tamper then compacts the grinds in the puck before precisely heated water at 92 degrees is pushed through the puck under pressure. This is true for café coffee and our commercial coffee machines. The result is a golden crème on top of a dark packed, flavour espresso.

Commercial Coffee Machines and textured milk

In the café, the Barista would now step in to skilfully texture your milk of choice to create a micro-foam flat white or creamy, foamy cappuccino. Our commercial coffee machines come standard with a milk fridge; this allows our machine to pull in your milk of choice. From this point, it textures or foams the milk depending on your drink of choice.

The difference with Cuco’s Commercial Coffee Machines.

All our machines come with weekly servicing, but why? In the same way, a barista tweaks the machine to ensure they are always making great coffee; our coffee technicians clean and tweak the machine if needed to ensure week after week that our commercial coffee machines’ coffee is always at its best.

Commercial coffee machines

Some of the drinks our commercial coffee machines can produce at the push of a button or contactlessly via your phone.


A popular choice in coffee shops around the world. But what is a cappuccino? The definition and quality tend to vary widely. At its core, the Cappuccino should be more substantial than a latte, meaning more coffee to milk in the ratio. It should also have a decent amount of froth, dense and full volume, and warm milk. The beverage initially started in Vienna and later came to the name Cappuccino, after the Capuchin Monks whose robes looked like the coffee, milk and foam mix.



Creamier and milkier than a cappuccino or flat white, lattes tend to be coffee flavour milk. The ratio is much more weighted on the milk than the coffee. Traditional lattes are shot of espresso followed by milk and foam. The milk and foam go first for the popular Latte Macchiato. A shot or two of espresso slowly poured in to make the iconic three-layered beverage.

Commercial coffee machines latte macchiato

Flat White

As with all coffee drinks, there are variations on exact definitions of what they are. At its base, the flat white is a double espresso with flat foamed/ micro-foam milk in a short 6oz cup. It’s a staple in coffee shops across the world. In many speciality coffee shops, it is the standard milk-based drink. The reason is that, unlike cappuccinos and lattes, you get an authentic taste of the coffee itself with a lower milk ratio.

Office coffee


A simple, robust, full-flavoured, and relatively popular coffee choice. 2/3 to ¾ hot water with a double shot espresso poured into it. Also known as black coffee, this water-based coffee is topped only with the crème from the well-made espresso.



Coffee is one of its most original and popular forms. Usually consumed or used as a base for beverages as a double shot 60ml. Crafted in Italy with the invention of the espresso machine, it has become the definition or base standard for coffee worldwide.


How Cuco Coffee can work for your office

As you can see, when you cannot reach your local café, an excellent commercial coffee machine can fill the gap with free trials and three-month contracts. Why not contact us to see how Cuco Coffee’s Commercial Coffee Machines could work for your business.

Our company is continually working to reduce our footprint and ensure sustainable practices throughout our business and our coffee. For that reason, our beans are Rainforest Alliance certified; see more about that here or in the video below.

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