Commercial Coffee Machines a 100 years in the making

Commercial Coffee Machines are a feature found in most offices around Dublin and Cork. But do you know the history behind this social hotspot in the office?

We love our daily coffee, but most don’t realise the machine from which we get our daily coffee has come a long way. Over 100 years, to be precise. Coffee was prevalent around the turn of the 19th Century. However, it took an impossibly long couple of minutes before one could have a cup of brewed coffee. Before the invention of commercial coffee machines, brewing coffee was the only way to make the daily cup.

The history of Commercial Coffee machines

1884 sees the first draft of commercial coffee machines. Italian Angelo Moribondo placed the first patent for the coffee machine and started the ball rolling on a new age for coffee drinking. He built the idea around using steam and pressure to brew coffee in a new way.

It would not be until around 1906 that another Italian gentleman named Luigi Bezzera would register a patent and coin a name still around today: ‘Café Espresso’. His machine was able to produce 150 coffees an hour. Since then, there have been constant advancements to get to the commercial coffee machines we use today.

What do commercial coffee machines do?

The process starts when whole beans are ground only as and when needed by the machine; Cuco coffees range of commercial coffee machines use burr grinders. Burr grinders crush the bean and ensure the full flavour and oils are ground to the correct size before heading into the puck. Once in the puck, a tamper compacts the grinds to just the proper compaction. At this point, water heated to around 92 degrees, the perfect temperature for brewing coffee, is pushed by high pressure through the puck. A lovely rich crème topped coffee is made.

At this point, if you choose a milky drink, freshly textured milk mixes with the beautiful crème topped coffee. The result is the freshest and whole flavoured coffee you can have without a barista. Thanks to over 100 years’ worth of development, advancements in the art of coffee and the need for convenience and consistency are now available at the push of a button. Or via a phone, all our commercial coffee machines can be operated in a contactless manner.

What Cuco Coffee and our Commercial Coffee Machines offer.

Quality of the coffee

An essential part of a great cup of coffee is the coffee beans. Some machines run on ground coffee placed into pods months in advance. Our commercial coffee machines grind fresh beans only as and when needed. This is an essential factor in getting a great cup of coffee. The reason is that the natural oils locked in the bean last longer when the bean is whole. The oils are an essential part of the coffee process, as they help make the beautiful crème found on top of a freshly made espresso.

Types of coffee commercial coffee machines can prepare

Great beans make great Americanos, but sometimes a lovely smooth flat white is the order of the day. To have flat whites, cappuccinos or lattes, milk of some sort needs to be added. Cuco Coffees commercial coffee machines all come standard with milk fridges. This ensures textured or foamy milk is pulled into the machine to make your preferred drink. Cuco Coffee machines also allow the user to customise their coffee even further, be that more or less milk, stronger or weaker coffee, the choice is yours.

Quantity of coffees per day

At Cuco coffee, we have a commercial coffee machine for every office. If your office consumes 20 coffees per day or 200 plus, we have a machine to suit your office. But a common question arises: which commercial coffee machine to choose? The answer depends on the specific needs and preferences of your office environment, such as the number of staff members and the importance of customizability in the coffee beverages. Whatever the requirements, our machines are designed to meet the demands of any modern workplace.

Maintenance of your office coffee machine

At Cuco Coffee, all our commercial coffee machines come with free weekly service, maintenance and call out in Dublin and Cork. All your office needs to do is top up the milk and enjoy the coffee.

What is the environmental cost of a commercial coffee machine?

Companies are looking to reduce waste and source sustainably made goods; we are no different. Unlike other systems that leave a capsule behind, our commercial coffee machines have relatively small footprints. Cuco Coffee Bean bags are recyclable; our cups, lids and bean grinds are all compostable. Cuco Coffee Whole Bean Blends are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Office Coffee Bean Blends

Cuco’s Signature Office Coffee Blend

100% Arabica beans sourced from Sumatra, Honduras and Brazil make for. The wonderfully smooth, medium strength flavour hints at caramel sweetness balanced out with a peppery finish. The resulting blend is light and ideal for those who are used to more subtle tones.

Cuco’s Premium Office Coffee Blend

100% Arabica beans sourced from Sumatra, Brazil and East Africa craftily blended to create a unique coffee. The roast is medium to light with a sweetness revealing caramel, fruit and a hint of spice. A blend for those wanting an indulgent cup of coffee.

Cuco’s Café Office Coffee Blend

Our Café Blend is a compelling blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans sourced from India, South America and Brazil. The result is an intense flavour profile with undertones of raw Cacao. It’s a must-try for the avid coffee drinker.

The Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance certification ensures best practices for agriculture and procurement were followed in making our beans. In a world with a changing climate, best practices will ensure coffee plantations are around for future generations. Sustainable and fair procurement also ensure the farm earns a fair wage for producing the coffee beans. This all leads to a brighter and greener future for everyone involved in the coffee cycle.
CUCO Coffee are proud to be a small part of the accountability chain and sustainable and fair practices future of coffee.

 Want to try our Commercial Coffee Machines, Coffee and Service?

Why not contact us to find out more information on a free trial. If you are an office based in Dublin, we would be happy to arrange a free no-obligation trial.

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