Why Your Dublin Office Should Get a Coffee Machine

Tea-drinking is an Irish cultural cornerstone, but coffee is on the rise. Already, up to 63% of adults feel that coffee is more popular than tea and 23% drink more than 4 coffees daily! It’s possible that coffee might one day dethrone tea, but either way, it’s a part of our culture now too. It’s not hard to imagine why. With it’s high caffeine concentration, people rely on coffee to give them a boost. Especially in the morning. It’s warm and comforting, perfect for our climate. Furthermore, we’ve got coffee drinking down to a fine art. There are countless, delicious variations to choose from. As far as coffee is concerned, you’re spoiled for choice in a modern city. So why do we recommend coffee machines for Dublin offices?

High Street, High Prices

Many people think of cafés as the best places to buy coffee. Sure, it’s expensive, but those baristas know what they’re doing. Going to a café is one of the best ways to guarantee freshness and quality in coffee. However, there are drawbacks. Firstly, it’s not all that convenient. Who wants to be hit with a queue the first thing in the morning? Rush hour cafés don’t pair well with rush hour traffic. Going back and forth between your office, or taking a detour on your way to work, is time consuming and frustrating. That’s not even the worst part.

You can expect to pay anywhere up to €4 for a coffee from a café. That may be fine every once in a while for a treat, but what if you like to drink coffee every day? That adds up fast. Dedicated coffee drinkers have to look elsewhere. Especially if you’re trying to provide coffee for a whole office.

Instant, Pressed, and Percolated

There are a lot of ways to make a cup of coffee cheaply from your own, or your office’s, kitchen. We admire the creativity involved in these methods, but none of them are quite perfect for the office.

Instant Coffee

Probably the quickest and most convenient method out there, instant coffee is a big hit. Simply drop a spoonful into some hot water and away you go. All you need is a kettle and a place at the back of the press to store the tin. Unfortunately, it never tastes as good as the fresher alternatives.

French Press

This is a more elaborate method than instant coffee, but you will be rewarded for your efforts with a fresher, tastier cup of coffee. This device allows you to mix freshly ground coffee directly with the water and filter away the grains after it has been infused. Depending on the size of the press, you can even get a good few cups out of it. However, washing a French press is a tedious process, and the coffee won’t stay hot for long.


Percolators are enjoying a resurgence in popularity recently. These handy little pots use a coarser blend of coffee grounds and many people argue that percolated coffee tastes best. The main drawback is the capacity. You’d be waiting all day to serve everyone in your office with just a percolator.

 Commercial Coffee Machines: The Perfect Solution

If high-street coffee is too expensive and home-brewing methods don’t scale well at the office, where does that leave you? The answer, of course, is to rent an office coffee machine. It’s the perfect solution for Dublin workplaces, and everywhere else for that matter. Here’s why:

  • It works out cheaper than the other methods. We’ve calculated that coffee from our machines costs as little as €0.35 per cup. You can’t beat that value.
  • Our coffee is fresh. All of our machines use fresh, unground beans to make coffee. That means you get a better, tastier drink.
  • All styles of coffee are available. Whether you like macchiatos, cappuccinos, or flat whites, our machines can make any type of coffee. It’s the next best think to having a full-time barista at the office.
  • No cleaning, no waiting. Our machines serve hot, fresh coffee on demand.

In other words, a Cuco coffee machine gives you the best of both worlds; delicious, fresh coffee at great value.

Use Cuco for Coffee Machines in Dublin

If you’re interested in a coffee machines for your Dublin office, get in touch with us today. Not only will you benefit from our carefully selected blends and hassle-free installation, we’ll come back each week to clean and service your machine. Give us a call to find out more!

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