Business Coffee Machines: Keep Warm This Winter

We’ve had a hot summer and a mild autumn, but winter is fast approaching. As the days get shorter and the weather gets colder, running a business can be that much more difficult. There are many factors that have a negative effect on productivity during the winter, such as illness, or the gloomy atmosphere. We all know from experience that waking up in the cold and dark to commute to work can be a depressing business. However, there is plenty we can do to make winter not just bearable, but enjoyable. At Cuco, our solution to winter blues is coffee. There’s no better cure for a cold day than a hot drink. A ready supply of coffee may be just the thing you need to keep things ticking over this winter. Here are five reasons Cuco recommends business coffee machines this winter:

1. Stay On Top Of Demand!

The colder the weather, the more coffee your office is likely to consume. Drinking something hot is a time-honoured means of keeping the cold at bay. But is your office equipped to deal with the increased demand? Instant coffee and drip machines may work fine in your personal kitchen at home, but a purpose-built coffee machine is much better suited to an office. Our range of machines are designed to pump out between 35 and 250+ cups of coffee per day. How many kettles would you have to boil, how many filters would you have to replace, and how many pots would you have to refill tediously to get the same result without one of our business coffee machines?

2. Save Money

Not only is a Cuco machine the more efficient way of providing your office with coffee, it also works out cheaper. We are confident that leasing one of our machines works out cheaper than your monthly instant coffee budget. In fact, we’ve done the maths and figured out that a cup of Cuco coffee costs less than €0.35! When you taste one of our coffees, you’ll agree that it’s worth every cent.

3. Boost Morale

At Cuco, we believe that good coffee is a great morale booster in the office. Is there any better feeling than warming your hands against a hot mug on a cold day? Our business coffee machines ensure that your staff always have something to look forward to at the office. the long commute into work on a dark morning is made better if there’s a hot, barista-quality cup of coffee waiting for you at the other end. You just don’t get the same morale boost from coffee of lesser quality. The availability of different styles, the textured milk and the carefully crafted blend of flavours make all the difference.

4. No Need To Brave The Elements!

Normally, to get your hands on a truly exceptional cup of coffee, you have to leave your office and go to the nearest café. Not only is this more expensive (remember, a cup of Cuco coffee works out at less than €0.35!), you may not even have a good café close to your workplace. In winter, you have the added problem of the weather. Even a five minute walk in the wond and rain can seem like a bit of an ordeal. With a Cuco machine, you get the best coffee at the best value, all from the shelter of your own office.

5. Maintain Your Energy Levels

Working in the cold and the dark can seriously affect your staff’s energy levels. Coffee is a great way to combat this. Not only does caffeine famously give you a quick boost, taking short breaks in between periods of study or work are a great way of maintaining your concentration and focus.

Business Coffee Machines

There are many more benefits of being a Cuco customer than those listed above. When you sign up, we’ll provide you with a tasting and demonstration to make sure everyone knows how to use the machine properly. We’ll also take care of the installation. On top of this, We’ll come back every week to clean and maintain your coffee machine. To find out more about leasing a Cuco Coffee machine, get in touch with us today.


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