Why Choose a Bean to Cup Machine for your office?

It’s well-established that coffee and office culture go hand in hand. Coffee can boost your employees’ health, increase productivity, improve morale, foster a sense of group cohesion and help everyone perk up as the mornings grow colder and darker. A bean-to-cup machine is a regular fixture of the office across the world.

Of course, there’s more than one way to provide coffee for your workers, and each method comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. You can even leave it up to the employees to provide their own hot drinks. A stainless steel flask from home or a takeaway cup from the local café are both options. However, we believe an office is happiest when its occupants can source a brew from within.

As long as you have a kitchenette and a kettle, it’s simple enough. A French press has always been a popular way to make coffee and, if you’re really desperate, a tin of instant! However, when dealing with multiple people, it’s far more efficient to use a coffee machine of some kind. You’re spoiled for choice here. In fact, there are so many varieties of coffee machines that it can be hard to make a decision. Thankfully, there is one standout option that beats the rest hands-down.

Of course, we’re talking about the bean-to-cup machine. What does this mean exactly? The other methods of brewing coffee start with the ingredients at a more processed stage, i.e., ground coffee powder or instant capsules. Bean-to-cup machines are a one-stop shop that instantly transforms fresh coffee beans into a steaming cuppa. Read on to discover why this is the perfect fit for your workplace.

bean-to-cup machine

Why choose a bean-to-cup machine for your office

There are a number of unique benefits to bean-to-cup coffee machines. The quality of the drink is much better when brewed this way, which is why cafés almost exclusively use this type of machine.

For a start, coffee from a bean-to-cup machine tastes better. There are many reasons for this, but what it really comes down to is the freshness of the ingredients. There’s a reason freshness is associated with high-quality food and drink. Fresh coffee tastes rich and smooth whereas stale coffee is bitter and acidic. Therefore, it stands to reason that a bean-to-cup machine, which starts from fresh coffee beans, produces a better-tasting brew.

The taste benefits don’t stop there. Bean-to-cup machines are also able to incorporate milk, which allows them to create barista-style coffee in many different styles. Without a bean-to-cup machine, the only way to reproduce this would be to heat up the milk from scratch and, depending on how you like your coffee, you’d need a whisk and some other specialised tools that are time-consuming to use. One of the reasons coffee is so popular is that there are so many different ways to drink it. The differences often come down to different ways of texturing the milk, such as the frothiness of a cappuccino or the smoothness of a flat white. Bean-to-cup machines allow you to access this variety from the comfort of your office.

Benefits of bean-to-cup machines in an office setting

Aside from the coffee simply tasting better, there are a number of practical advantages to bean-to-cup machines in an office setting. All told, they are the most efficient, pragmatic way to provide coffee at work.

First of all, they work instantly. All you have to do to get a cup of coffee from one of these machines is place your mug under the dispenser and press a button. The upsides should be readily apparent:

  • Preparing coffee takes up less of everyone’s time. No more waiting for kettles, no more stirring, no more adding milk, changing filters or throwing out dregs.
  • It’s less of a hassle to clean up. With one of these machines, the only washing up you have to do on a regular basis is the mugs themselves.

Another major advantage is that these machines give your workplace an air of professionalism that leaves a good impression on workers and clients alike. If you can provide someone with a high-quality coffee, that is a subtle but effective way to leave a good impression on all who pass through your office.

bean-to-cup machine

Obtaining and maintaining a bean-to-cup machine

Even if you’re convinced by the above arguments in favour of a bean-to-cup machine, you may have some concerns. Aren’t machines of this quality more expensive than the other options? That might be true if you bought a coffee machine outright, but the smarter, more cost-effective option is to lease a machine from a company like Cuco. In fact, we’re quite confident that doing it this way is cheaper per cup!

You may also have concerns about maintaining your machine. After all, if they’re not cleaned properly it can affect the taste of the coffee or even cause lasting damage. Once again, we’ve got the solution. When you lease a machine from Cuco, we’ll not only install it for you but come back every week to perform routine maintenance, free of charge!

Choose Cuco Coffee today

If you’re ready to pull the trigger, or if you want to talk it through some more, give us a call today! We have an excellent range of machines and coffee blends and we’re sure we can find the right combination for you. Whether you run a big or small office, we’re confident that we can meet your needs.


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