Automatic Coffee Machines vs Pod Coffee Machines what you need to know.

Automatic Coffee Machines vs Pod Machines.

How do you get your daily cup of coffee if not from your local café? There are two popular methods of getting an espresso-based cup of coffee. The first option would be automatic coffee machines, using fresh whole beans to make that espresso-based cup of coffee. The second option would be pod coffee machines, using capsules or pods to make a cup of coffee.

Let’s look at some differences between automatic coffee machines and pod machines.

Pod Coffee Machines – the basics

Pod machines generally use a pod or capsule containing 5-7 grams of ground coffee. The coffee is usually ground and packed into the pod months in advance. It relies on the airtight capsule to retain freshness. Then, the pod is placed into the machine. It is punctured to allow the hot water to be pushed through the pod to extract the shot of espresso. Pod machines have two coffee options: a 40ml espresso or a 110ml lungo.

For most pod machines, a separate milk frother is required to make frothed or textured milk for cappuccinos or lattes.

An industrial pod machine is most often required to meet the daily coffee requirements of large offices. There is also the requirement to keep a container of pods at hand to use in the machine.

Once the coffee has been made, the pods must be collected for disposal or kept separate for potential recycling.

Automatic Coffee Machines the basics

Automatic Coffee Machines use only freshly roasted whole beans, such as the ones we use at Cuco Coffee. Once the desired cup of coffee is selected, 11 grams of fresh whole coffee beans are ground to fill the puck inside the machine. At this point, a tamper compacts the freshly ground coffee beans to ensure a good extraction. With the tamping complete, water heated to 92 degrees is pushed through the puck under pressure. This, in turn, gets a balanced yet complete extraction from the puck, ensuring a deep rich flavour. Fresh crème is visible as the espresso or coffee of choice is poured.

The second component of automatic coffee machines is the fresh milk system. At Cuco Coffee, all our machines come standard with a fresh milk fridge. The reason is to keep fresh milk on hand, so when a cappuccino, latte or flat whites is required, the machine can pull in and texture the milk appropriately for the chosen beverage.

After the coffee has been made, an internal compartment holds the coffee grind discarded by the puck. These grinds are compostable and easy to dispose of.

When deciding between Automatic coffee machines and Pod machines for your office, there are points to consider.


How many coffees per day does your office require? What type of machine will provide a good variety of choices for staff and clients?

Pod Machines

Pod machines are quick and easy for espresso or americano. However, they require a new pod per coffee made. In addition, pod machines currently do not have customisation as preset options.

Automatic coffee machines

Cuco Coffee automatic coffee machines offer various choices from espresso to creamy cappuccinos and textured milk flat whites. With hopers holding freshly roasted beans and fresh milk fridge, all that is needed is the push of a button for your desired coffee.

Each drink can also be customised, from the strength of the coffee to the amount of textured milk. Simple to use and change to suit your requirements.


How often will the machine be cleaned, and is there a maintenance or support plan?

Pod Machines

The servicing is usually at the discretion and responsibility of the user. No maintenance or support plan comes standard with the machine.

Automatic coffee machines

Cuco Coffee, all our automatic coffee machines come standard with weekly cleaning and maintenance. This ensures the coffee is always at its best, and no downtime without coffee. Free call-outs are also part of the service.

Automatic Coffee Machines vs Pod Machines the Costs:

Pod Machines

There is usually a fixed fee per pod, potential hire or purchase cost of the machine and no maintenance or support structure. There are usually no fresh milk systems with pod machines either.

Automatic Coffee Machines

With Cuco Coffee, a weekly rental fee for the machine includes servicing and maintenance. Coffee is purchased as and when needed. Every one of our machines comes standard with a milk fridge and milk system.

The footprint of the chosen setup:

Pod Machines

For every coffee made by the machine, a pod is required. Once the coffee has been made, the pod must be disposed of and usually is not recycled.

 Automatic coffee machine 

Cuco Coffee Machines, like most bean-to-cup machines, are compostable coffee grinds produced from the coffee process. In addition, Cuco Coffee bean bags are recyclable; each bag makes roughly 40 cups of coffee.

Contactless Operation:

With Cuco Coffee’s automatic coffee machines, our machine can be operated contactlessly by scanning a QR code on the machine. Then, you can take control from your phone, either choose a preset coffee option or customise your own.

Rainforest Alliance

Cuco’s Coffee Beans are Rainforest Alliance certified. It forms part of how Cuco Coffee is trying to ensure a sustainable, fair and low-footprint operation while providing quality coffee to offices. For more information on what the Rainforest Alliance stands for, see the video below or read more here.

How can Cuco Coffee work for your office?

Want to know more about Cuco Coffee? You can see our range of machines or more about our coffee beans. With a range of machines to suit offices of all sizes and coffee blends to cover all tastes, why not make Cuco Coffee your office coffee solution.

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